ADmantX Launches Its New Planning and Reporting Tool: the New Semantic Lens on Inventory Intelligence and Campaign Delivery

Offering a comprehensive and detailed view of digital content, the new ADmantX Planning and Reporting tool provides the multi-dimensional insight advertisers need to drive campaign success — with semantic inventory analysis powering smarter buying decisions for future optimisation.

London – ADmantX, the leading provider of semantic-based solutions for contextual advertising and 1st party audience profiling, today announced the launch of its new Planning and Reporting solution. The complete analytical toolkit enables advertisers to obtain the detailed contextual data required for selecting relevant and brand safe digital media, helping verify bought inventory.

The new solution will be available to ADmantX customers (agencies, integrated publishers, brands and our partner DSP’s customers)from late September 2018.

The Planning and Reporting suite provides a detailed, multidimensional view of inventory content using advanced contextual semantic technology, identifying the volume distribution and contribution of: 1,200 contextual categories (including 698 new IAB Tech Labcategories), domains and websites, languages, sentiment and emotions, key entities (such as people, products, organisations), vertical industry categories, brand safety categories and any special custom category.

Advertisers can garner deeper insights, enabling them to generate highly granular data to inform buying choices. For example, customers can discover the most relevant sites for each contextual category in a specific period such as the last week (including custom special categories), the most popular people (or other entities) who are quoted more frequently within a specific category, and the dominant sentiment and emotions for a specific inventory selection, allowing for more customised content selection.

The new reporting solution will offer detailed analysis of traffic for specific URLs. This will also include full brand safety reports and trend of volume delivered on special categories for each single campaign. Additionally, it will allow the automatic extrapolation of analysis data from the platform for internal use.

Using this information, advertisers will be able to rapidly pinpoint the contextual elements for effective campaign delivery and brand safety trends; thereby gaining valuable data that will inform more precise modelling for the future.

“With contextual more and more at centre stage for GDPR and the increased focus on brand safety, it is fundamental to gain an advanced intelligent view of inventory available and campaign delivery” commented Giovanni Strocchi, CEO at ADmantX. “With our new detailed picture of both inventory and delivery that spans multiple languages, categories, domains, brand safety filters and topics, our customers will be in the best possible position to choose media that aligns closely with their brand values and needs, and gain meaningful insights that improve overall communication performance.”

About ADmantX
ADmantX is a leading provider of NLP semantic-based solutions for contextual advertising, advanced brand safety and 1st party audience profiling. With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cognitive technologies, and machine learning, ADmantX has a unique ability to read content the same way a human would to understand the contextual meaning within online content. This allows advertisers and publishers to match ads to relevant content at granular page level, ensuring brand safety and creating owned detailed consumer profiles so that campaigns can be tailored for maximum impact.

ADmantX works with global clients and is integrated with leading DSPs and SSPs.

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