Clicktool Launches Its Ad Analytics Platform to Push Profits Into High Gear with Customized Campaign Reports

Clicktool announces the launch of its advanced ad tracking platform that provides optimal data security and custom traffic analytic reports to marketers managing their own digital campaigns

Santa Monica, California – Digital marketers may find it hard to pinpoint where profits are coming from when creating and attempting to optimize campaigns. More often than not, they’re managing multiple campaigns at once, which means they have to analyze traffic sources on their own and redirect clicks manually. Creating a new project means having to navigate traffic towards a new link, and therefore a web site, which can become hectic, disorganized, and unguided without the proper data to make better marketing decisions.

Clicktool, the analytics startup optimizing paid online advertisements, is announcing the launch of its advanced ad tracking platform. The platform enables users to receive detailed insights into web traffic through its powerful and secure tracking technology that helps marketers budget effectively, while including unique features to track phone calls and manage multiple traffic sources within one organized space. As a privacy-focused platform that secures and stores in-depth analytics and data beneficial to successful marketing, Clicktool maximizes profitability of campaigns on Google Adwords, Facebook, Yahoo Gemini, Native Ads, and more.

Comprised of tools that enable affiliate marketers and website owners to optimize multiple campaigns, Clicktool allows users to easily manage traffic based on analytics. Clicktool’s Campaign Creation Wizard takes marketers step by step as they create their first campaign, guiding them through effective traffic distribution. Traffic distribution allows marketers to accelerate optimization and increase profitability by rotating traffic between landing pages. Without having to redirect traffic manually, Clicktool manages a campaign’s flexibility, enabling any URL link to be interchanged amongst landing pages in accordance with major traffic sources.

The phone call tracking system embed into the Clicktool platform is “Pay Per Call” compatible and simplifies the monetization process for digital and affiliate marketers, as well as website owners who manage e-commerce stores online.

Users can count on Clicktool to remain:

  • Privacy focused: Competitors and external parties are blocked from replicating business strategy based on traffic analytics reports within the platform
  • User friendly: The Campaign Creation Wizard ensures that users receive direct guidance throughout the setup process and during one or multiple live campaigns
  • Flexible with campaigns: Campaign links rotate automatically amongst separate landing pages to drive traffic towards new projects and revitalize existing ones

“At Clicktool, our goal is to provide a system based on the powerful nature of data that helps users set up and market their own campaigns, while making traffic distribution a more intuitive process, and offering the tools needed for an organized marketing experience,” says Carlos Cruz, CEO of Clicktool. “We’ve made sure that Clicktool secures its users’ data, making it available only to those who created the campaign, locking in records and insightful reports that consist of visitor data and other valuable statistics.”

About Clicktool
Based in California, Clicktool was founded in 2016 with the mission to place insightful data into detailed reports that aid digital and affiliate marketers in the paid advertisement sector. The MarTech company also offers tips, campaign videos, and lessons to maximize marketing campaigns