Evidon: Ghostery Index Surpasses 1,300 Individual Companies Delivering More than 2,800 Individual Tracking Scripts

LONDON – Evidon, the digital marketing intelligence company, announced that its Ghostery service has added the 1,300th company to its database, and has surpassed 2,800 individual tracking elements in its comprehensive library of marketing technologies. The Ghostery library is comprised of pixels, tags, inline frames, scripts, and other page code that glean user information, count impressions, and enable other data collection and ad targeting on websites all over the world.

“Ghostery’s growth and devoted user base enable us to see the invisible web of marketing technology more comprehensively and uniquely than ever before,” said Evidon CEO Scott Meyer. “A common quantitative research panel might be comprised of 50,000 users. But, our GhostRank Panel has more than 7.8M users who enable us to index activity on more than 26M domains every day, all over the world. The anonymous data from our panel reveals deep insights that empower advertisers and publishers to make better and more informed decisions about their partnerships in the data ecosystem.”

The Ghostery library is also used to classify each tracker in what publishers call “the redirect chain” of tracking elements. These relationships are generally crafted to benefit the publisher and underlie how the digital marketing ecosystem functions. But, without deep visibility into how each tracker in a given redirect chain functions, website owners cannot discern what affect each tracker may have on their site. This, in turn, could lead to slower page load times and cost website owners and online retailers money.

With the rapid emergence of new technologies and the continued evolution of established tracking services, it is increasingly difficult to stay informed of just how far the tracking tag chain can reach. Toward fostering a better understanding of this ecosystem, Evidon released the second edition of its Global Tracker Report in late February. For a copy of the report, please visit: http://www.evidon.com/evidon-insight-central

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