IgnitionOne Experiences Continued Growth with Market-leading Customer Intelligence Platform

Platform rolls out of Beta in 2018 with hundreds of customers

NEW YORK — IgnitionOne, a global marketing technology and services leader, announced the company’s annual growth and evolution of its platform establishing the company as the key player in Customer Intelligence. During the course of 2018, IgnitionOne brought on over 300+ brands and agencies in auto, hospitality and retail including Peugeot, Nissan, Avaya, La Quinta, G6 Hospitality, Renault, ArteTV, and more.

2018 was a year where marketers encountered many new opportunities including an increase in engagement channels, the use of first-party data, and getting more effective and efficient use of marketing dollars. In addition, trends like direct-to-consumer, digital out-of-home and in-housing models, bring along with them the necessity of advanced solutions in order to be successful. As a result, IgnitionOne continued to evolve its technology platform to assist in helping marketers make sense of data, make it actionable and do it in real-time. Customer Intelligence works with or without a marketer’s existing marketing stack to find, value and engage customers in real-time. IgnitionOne’s CIP goes beyond traditional Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities, giving brands deeper insights for better omnichannel engagement. Advanced capabilities of IgnitionOne’s CIP include:

Identity Resolution (IDR) – Recognize each customer as an individual no matter when or where they choose to interact.
Score – Value your customer by understanding their levels of engagement, products of interest and likelihood to undertake a desired action.
Personalization – Enable real-time, 1:1 messaging across addressable channels featuring up-to-the-minute products of interest.
Data Modeling – Know your best customers — so that you can uncover your next, best customers.
Attribution – Get a picture of what is driving your marketing results through a net of other channels.
Data Management – Manage your data through agonistic data collection, profile management and enrichment. Integrate your data (first, second and third-party data) from a range of sources to tie back to a single customer record.
Engagement – Collect, process and take action on your data in real-time.

“We are continuing to experience incredible market success, helping marketers tackle their most pressing challenges to drive digital success; leveraging first party data, personalization in an omnichannel way and bringing back some of the control of targeting to the marketer as opposed to seeding control to Google and Facebook,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “While other companies are playing catch-up around customer intelligence or selling yearlong implementations, our platform has been at the forefront of innovation, providing marketers with a quick to implement, quick to see results solution.”

This year, 3Q Digital, a performance and digital marketing agency, utilized the IgnitionOne CIP to help scale remarketing efforts for a client campaign, leading to 50 percent higher CVR (conversion rate),14 percent more efficient CPAs and 57 percent higher ROAS.

“The reduction in the CPA across Facebook Custom Audiences utilizing IgnitionOne’s Customer Intelligence Platform is absolutely dramatic,” said David Rodnitzky, CEO, 3Q Digital. “IgnitionOne proved to be a valuable component in scaling retargeting audiences. I never thought incrementality was possible in remarketing until we tried the IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence Platform.”

“We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help our teams perform better and support our company philosophy of “Think Like A Challenger” with every brand we represent. I have never witnessed a product get deployed so quickly. Being able to ramp up our generic search spend on RLSA like this is something that wasn’t an option just a few short months ago,” said Rob Phillips, Managing Director of Wpromote. “IgnitionOne has really changed the game for us.”

In addition to platform developments, IgnitionOne also invested in its team. The company brought in industry veterans Danielle Gonzalez as VP of Hospitality, Muhammed Jawad as VP of Technical Operations and David Dembowski as SVP of Sales to strengthen the management bench.

For more about IgnitionOne and its Customer Intelligence Platform, visit https://www.ignitionone.com/.

About IgnitionOne
IgnitionOne’s leading Customer Intelligence Platform empowers marketers to find and engage their most valuable customers across channels using a data-driven approach. By focusing on cross-channel scoring and robust personalization, IgnitionOne’s technology provides real-time, actionable insights for smarter marketing decisions and omnichannel engagement to maximize overall results. IgnitionOne is one of the largest independent marketing technology companies in the world, currently scoring over 600 million users monthly in 75 countries and powering more than $60 billion in revenue each year for leading brands, including General Motors, CenturyLink, La Quinta and Acer, as well as advertising agencies such as 360i, GroupM and Zenith Media.

For more information, please visit http://www.ignitionone.com or follow the company on Twitter @ignitionone.