Lineup Leads the Charge in Programmatic Integration with New OMS Feature

Lineup Systems Announces New Feature to Increase Efficiency of Programmatic Booking

The rise of programmatic has helped publishers keep pace with digital transformation, but the process hasn’t always been efficient or easy. Reconciling supply-side platform (SSP) data with your order management system (OMS) has been a tedious process of double entry, until now. Lineup System today announced an exciting programmatic plugin to their widely-used media sales software, Adpoint.

For digital teams, this addition to the Adpoint suite will be a game-changer, says Digital Deployment Consultant Tiffany Kelly: “The impact this will have on digital teams is enormous. Traditional order management systems simply can’t push programmatic guaranteed campaigns to Google Ad Manager (GAM). With Adpoint, we can book these campaigns and seamlessly push them to GAM and request buyer acceptance, all within Adpoint.”

Further, Adpoint automates the entire workflow of the programmatic process through its bid-to-buy functionality. Publishers can set up automated alerts and approval processes, eliminating guesswork and increasing efficiency across the business.

Originally developed for The New York Times, this programmatic plugin currently pushes campaigns to Google Ad Manager and is now available as an addition to the Adpoint suite for all customers. Planned feature enhancements will bring all buyer communication into Adpoint, further eliminating back-and-forth and ensuring Adpoint will work seamlessly with SSPs. Booking programmatic non-guaranteed campaigns is also possible through this new infrastructure.

“Programmatic is complex enough without endless admin behind the scenes,” Kelly said. “The benefit of programmatic is automation and data integration – those benefits will become even more potent when made easier to access through Adpoint.”

Feature Benefits:

– Eliminate painful double entry

– Increase accuracy of revenue recognition within your Order Management System

– Automate business workflows for your digital team

– Work across your team from a single intuitive interface

About Lineup Systems:

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