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Lineup Systems and Ad-Juster Join Forces to Provide Actual Delivery Data

Lineup Systems and Ad-Juster Join Forces to Provide Actual Delivery Data

Ad JusterIn response to market demand for greater accuracy in advertising invoicing Lineup Systems and Ad-Juster, Inc. have entered a partnership which will enable Lineup Systems’ clients to integrate Ad-Juster’s third party delivery data collection service directly into Lineup Systems’ web based advertising sales solutions.

Lineup Systems’ web-based advertising system ‘AdPoint’ is used by media publishers to grow and manage their advertising sales. AdPoint’s lead generation, CRM, multi-channel ad booking, finance and analytics tools provide real time data and performance analytics, enabling clients to increase advertising sales and reduce operating costs. Furthermore it integrates seamlessly with ad servers, production or finance system to create a comprehensive advertising management environment.

Ad-Juster is the only third party reporting and ad discrepancy management tool available for digital publishers today. Digital publishers use daily ad discrepancy and pacing reports, among the others, created automatically by Ad-Juster that show which campaigns are discrepant and need publishers’ attention right away so the costly ad discrepancies are avoided.

Advertisers and their agencies demand real-time delivery data on their digital campaigns from a wide range of systems. The rich digital booking capability of AdPoint, blended with the high quality data provided by Ad-Juster means that the reconciliation for invoicing will be accurate. AdPoint will ingest first party actuals from the ad servers along with the third party actuals from Ad-Juster to allow real-time management of campaigns through AdPoint’s digital dashboard, on schedule indicators and alerts, and automated invoice reconciliation tools.

The affiliation between Lineup Systems and Ad-Juster gives publishers who are already using AdPoint and Ad-Juster products an immediate benefit from data integration. Existing AdPoint clients will access greater insights from accurate data throughout the digital advertising ecosystem.

Lineup Systems CEO Michael Mendoza commented “Lineup Systems relentlessly pursues new opportunities to help our clients improve their advertising business, and accurate third party data is increasingly being demanded by the market. Our agreement with Ad-Juster will give our clients a huge competitive advantage through offering greater efficiency and accuracy to their customers”.

Mike Lewis President and Co-founder of Ad-Juster commented: “Ad-Juster strives towards automating ad operations data processes for digital publishers and providing them with real-time third party data. Integration of this data into Lineup’s system will certainly help digital publishers using Lineup and Ad-Juster to automate their processes from a sale of an ad campaign through the billing”. He continues, “We are looking forward to working with Lineup on continuing to automate and improve the process efficiencies for digital publishers”.

About Lineup Systems
Lineup Systems delivers high performance advertising sales tools designed specifically for multi-channel media companies. Its collaborative media solutions – which can be hosted, web-based or cloud-based – help to streamline advertising operations, improve transparency and increase profits.
Its clients include the world’s largest international publishers Metro International, News Corp Australia, News UK, Telegraaf mediagroep, Time Inc., Time Out, Abu Dhabi Media, Archant, Expressen, Grupo Expansión, and Voice Media Group.
Lineup Systems’ AdPoint products are installed across 33 countries in 21 languages, and support more than 6000 users across the world’s leading publishers in achieving their goals. Over 1400 titles, sites and stations rely on Lineup Systems’ for their sales, advertising, planning, editorial, pre-press and content management needs. www.lineup.com

About Ad-Juster, Inc.
Ad-Juster is the industry leader in third-party data collection and ad delivery discrepancy management for digital publishers, agencies, and networks. Ad-Juster automatically creates daily ad discrepancy and pacing reports allowing digital publishers to immediately act on expensive ad discrepancies.

We provide digital publishers with a single centralized web based location to connect to and aggregate data from supported third party and local ad servers. Ad-Juster integrates with all major publisher ad serving systems, top third-party platforms, order management systems, billing and invoicing systems, data warehousing, proprietary systems, and SalesForce.

Ad-Juster empowers your team to better control ad campaign pacing, mitigate delivery discrepancies, and reduce billing cycles, through automation. For more info please visit www.ad-juster.com.