AdPushup Launches Free Ads.Txt Management Tool for Publishers

NEW YORK — AdPushup, a leader in the ad revenue optimization space, has launched a free tool called Manage Ads.txt to help publishers visually manage their ads.txt files. The tool is designed to help publishers reduce ads.txt errors, save time, and protect their ad revenue.

Ads.txt is a file standard created by the Interactive Bureau of Advertising (IAB) to help curb ad fraud. Under the standard, publishers keep a list of vendors who are authorized to sell their ad inventory in the form of a text file on their server, buyers can then view this file in order to verify the authenticity of the ad inventory being sold. However, since most publishers manually create and update the file, implementing ads.txt becomes a time-consuming and error-prone process.

“It’s always in a publisher’s interest to have more demand relationships—and since multiple teams work with every growing list of partners, some ads.txt files become as large as 300 relationships,” says Ankit Oberoi, co-founder and CEO of AdPushup. “Our tool aims to help publishers bring some order to this madness. I am also very proud of our team members, Anil Panghal and Ravi Jagga, who discovered this need and built a solution around it.”

Manage Ads.txt is a self-serve tool that allows publishers to visually create and update all their ads.txt files from within a single admin panel. Built for speed and convenience, it comes with features such as point-and-click visual editor, existing ads.txt file import, multi-site support, bulk entry management, and automatic validation including de-duplication checks.

“Manage Ads.txt requires a publisher to setup redirection for their ads.txt file, which is in line with the directives provided by the IAB regarding ads.txt implementation,” says Anil Panghal, Senior Software Engineer at AdPushup. “Once the redirection is setup, the user can import their existing ads.txt entries with a click of a button, and thereafter, all the entries including the existing ones can be managed via the tool’s GUI,” he added.

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