NBC Runs 500 Million Branded Content Promotions to Scale the Business in Partnership with Polar

Branded content continues to be a strong growth category for trusted media companies like NBC. While brands remain interested in partnering with publishers to produce high quality branded content, effective distribution is a must for campaign success.

NBC chose to switch from a native ad network to Polar last fall to power their direct-sold branded content promotion on-site and has seen strong results since the move. NBC has run over 500 million promotions for branded content using Polar in the past 9 months alone. Since adopting Polar’s optimization engine, the performance of branded content promotions has more than doubled.

“Branded content is one of our fastest growing digital solutions at NBCU and having the right platform and partner to meet the needs of our scaling business is critical. Polar fits that build for us, their team and tech are the best in the market and we wouldn’t be where we are without them”, shared Mike Rucker, Vice President of Branded Content, NBC News.

NBC was able to rollout Polar’s Format Management Platform in under 3 weeks, compared to 9 months using their previous provider. The initial rollout was on CNBC, NBC News, MSNBC and TODAY. Additional brands in the NBCU portfolio are planning to also adopt Polar. With Polar’s global presence and local teams on the ground in London and Sydney, CNBC International has been able to adopt Polar seamlessly.

“NBC’s scale and breadth of brands make this an exciting partnership for our team as we know we have been able to provide real value. Our Format Management Platform is widely adopted in the industry, especially in larger, more complex organizations that have specific needs around workflows, integrations and support”, shared Joe White, Vice President Operations, Polar.

Polar is a tech solutions provider to hundreds of trusted publishers around the world. Publishers use Polar’s Format Management Platform (FMP) to build, execute and optimize a variety of digital advertising products, including native, social, video and display formats.

To learn more about Polar’s Format Management Platform for publishers, contact Belen Martinez [email protected] or visit www.polar.me.

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Publishers like NBC, USA TODAY NETWORK, News Corp, Conde Nast, The Telegraph and more use our Format Management Platform to create, execute and optimize a variety of digital advertising products across their owned & operated channels. These include native, social, video and display formats. In the past year, 42 billion ads were served for 15,000 campaigns on 2,000 trusted publisher websites using our Format Management Platform. To learn more, visit www.polar.me.