AdRoll Launches New Brand Awareness Solution for Ambitious D2C Brands

Platform’s machine learning algorithm makes over 2.5 million predictions per second to help brands reach the right audiences at the right time

SAN FRANCISCO — It has never been more critical for brands, particularly those marketing directly to consumers, to cut through the noise and tell their story to customers at every encounter. In fact, according to Nielsen, 59% of consumers prefer to buy products from brands with which they are already familiar. AdRoll, the growth marketing platform for direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketers and brands, today announced its Brand Awareness solution, enabling brands to build relationships with their customers across their entire journey, while maintaining brand integrity.

“AdRoll serves as mission control for these marketers – unifying their data, channels, and measurement – to deliver connected experiences regardless of platform.”

Most brands today use different tools for each marketing tactic and channel, resulting in disjointed experiences for customers and inconsistent brand narratives. This makes it nearly impossible for brands to create meaningful moments for customers across their life cycles. AdRoll’s Brand Awareness solution is an independent platform built for D2C brands specifically, that gives marketers a unified place to create consistent messaging, deliver connected experiences, and measure the impact of campaigns throughout the entire customer journey.

“D2C brands today are sacrificing direct customer relationships for the convenience of walled gardens without realizing the cost. In order to deepen relationships with customers and control their destinies, marketers need to be able to see the entire customer journey, not just one touchpoint,” said Scott Gifis, AdRoll President. “AdRoll serves as mission control for these marketers – unifying their data, channels, and measurement – to deliver connected experiences regardless of platform.”

With AdRoll’s Brand Awareness solution, D2C brands can capitalize on more than a decade of real-world machine learning yielding over 80 billion predictions a day, and combine their first-party data with AdRoll’s second- and third-party data to reach new customers and see unique behavioral insights across the customer journey. AdRoll’s machine learning analyzes more than 34 million signals to perform 2.5 million predictions per second, enabling brands to better identify, understand and attract, high-potential audiences across video, display, social, email, native ads and more.

When brands can eliminate guesswork and reach people more precisely, they can establish and foster relationships through the entire journey, ultimately converting more customers and increasing loyalty over time. AdRoll Brand Awareness combines AdRoll’s machine learning with six targeting capabilities to be applied across AdRoll’s curated inventory of social, mobile, native and web, allowing brands to reach their ideal customers everywhere they live, work, and play.

  • Contextual targeting lets marketers choose from categories that are relevant to their industry or target market to showcase their brand on websites with which they want to be associated.
  • Demographic targeting helps to identify a brand’s ideal customer by targeting audiences based on age, gender, net worth and more.
  • Interest targeting allows brands to target ideal audiences based on interest with categories like sports, fashion, food and more.
  • Lookalike targeting taps AdRoll’s machine learning to automatically identify and target people who look and act like the people who already engage with brands.
  • Retargeting helps brands stay top-of-mind by sharing targeted messages with people who have already visited their website, abandoned a cart or completed an onsite action.
  • CRM audience targeting uses a brand’s existing customer email lists to re-engage customers.

Unlike other awareness marketing offerings, which often assign all members of any particular audience the same value, AdRoll layers its proprietary machine-learning technology upon its audience targeting capabilities. This helps ensure each brand’s budget is spent on increasing awareness with the highest potential buyers for every unique campaign.

The AdRoll growth platform then helps D2C brands maximize the value of the high-quality site traffic driven, turning more of those visitors into loyal customers at a reduced spend with deeper insights, more personalized content and cross-channel measurement and attribution.

The AdRoll Brand Awareness solution is currently available globally, with more targeting options to roll out in the coming year. To learn more about these new capabilities and best practices for pinpointing the right audiences for brand growth, visit

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