AdMaven Launches AdMaven Plus, a Loyalty Program That Rewards Publishers’ Long-Term Engagement

The new loyalty scheme will offer reduced rates, discounts and services including custom reports and support for AdMaven’s most loyal publishers.

TEL AVIV, Israel — AdMaven, the leading digital advertising and publisher monetization company, announced today the launch of AdMaven Plus, its new loyalty program. The new scheme is designed to reward publishers that use AdMaven at the core of their long-term monetization strategy.

As a tiered program, the minimum required time for a publisher to start benefiting from loyalty rewards will be a continuous period of activity of six months. Publishers that use AdMaven for over three years without interruption will have access to the highest level of benefits and services from AdMaven Plus. Annual subscription to AdMaven Plus costs $999 and benefits include:

  • Earn up to an additional 5% ad profit: rewarding loyalty with bonus profits ranging between 1-5% based on loyalty level.
  • Upgraded Payment Terms: loyal customers get earlier payment of their profits. Get your ad revenues faster than ever before with terms that shorten the payment windows for loyal publishers.
  • Custom Reports & In-house analyst: as part of our services for the most loyal customers, AdMaven Plus will offer bespoke services to improve your advertising strategy and planning with insights and reporting from our team of experts.

Mickey Fine, VP Supply at AdMaven, said: “Loyalty is at the core of AdMaven. That’s why most publishers that work with us, understand the ROI benefits of a long-term relationship. We feel it’s time to foster and reward the loyalty we have built through relationships with our amazing clients and AdMaven Plus is a fantastic way to help our most loyal customers thrive.”

About AdMaven:

Founded by the best minds in the advertising industry, AdMaven holds over 25 years of experience. AdMaven offers advertisers over 5 billion daily impressions to promote their brands and products. Our highly advanced self-serve platform is at our customers’ disposal to launch campaigns in minutes, using high-quality targeting that will reach the right audience. AdMaven offers a large number of other monetization methods including Popup, NewTab, Banners, lightbox, interstitial, slider and more. AdMaven is able to maximize publishers’ revenue by focusing on CPA instead of CPM or CPC. You can learn more about us at