Targetspot and Super Hi-Fi Team Up to Transform the Audio Advertising Listening Experience

Leading AI-Powered Audio Technology Adds Powerful New Ad Delivery Capabilities For Digital Music Services Through Strategic Partnership

LOS ANGELES — Super Hi-Fi, the AI-powered audio platform that creates engaging digital music listening experiences, announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Targetspot, a global leader in digital audio monetization and technology, to provide digital music service providers with fully enhanced and customized audio advertising experiences.

Digital audio consumption is on the rise and plays a central role in consumers’ daily lives. Digital audio reaches 180 million US consumers each month. More than three-quarters of U.S. internet users will listen to digital audio formats like podcasts and streaming music at least once a month this year, according to eMarketer’s April 2019 forecast report.

“As the streaming music and audio ad markets continue to scale around the globe, the demand for high-quality, contextually relevant audio ads has surged,” said Zack Zalon, co-founder and chief executive officer, Super Hi-Fi. “The challenge is that today’s listening experiences with ads are often jarring, too loud, and often out of context, which ultimately can negatively impact a brand. The combination of Targetspot’s audio ad serving technology (Passport) and monetization capabilities combined with Super Hi-Fi’s AI-driven patented technology (MagicStitch) offers our mutual partners a greatly improved user experience.”

The companies have engineered a sophisticated layer of content compatibility between their respective systems, allowing Targetspot’s agencies and advertisers to connect seamlessly to Super Hi-Fi’s AI-driven analysis and presentation services. This approach enables music providers to easily make their audio ads sound more like a human-produced segment with perfect audio transitions, volume leveling, and genre-specific song beds to keep the flow of the music going. The new capabilities also deliver contextual ads based on the genre of music, or any other input from the customer, personalizing the general listener experience.

“As a pioneer in the digital audio space, Targetspot continually seeks strategic partnerships with cutting edge platforms that help evolve and further grow audio-based advertising,” said Dominick Milano, SVP Sales & Business Development for North America.   “Integrating our platform with Super Hi-Fi allows Targetspot to offer our publishers and advertisers an opportunity to enhance the user experience and optimize advertiser impact.  Together, we are creating another phase in the evolution of digital audio advertising.”

Super Hi-Fi’s platform empowers digital music providers to offer their customers a personalized, sonic experience that will drive engagement and enduring loyalty. Since launch, Super Hi-Fi’s MagicStitch has powered billions of transitions between songs and audio content across the company’s music and content partners, including powerhouse brands Universal Music Group, iHeartMedia, Peloton and Associated Press.  Production that takes a human DJ an hour in the studio takes MagicStitch microseconds to patch together.

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About Super Hi-Fi
Super Hi-Fi uses artificial intelligence to improve the digital listening experience. Super Hi-Fi transforms gaps between songs into relevant and personalized content. The company’s patented technology is capable of understanding the infinite nuances within music with the expertise of a human DJ to improve transitions between content and create better extensions of digital brands. The result is perfectly transitioned streams of music, podcasts, interviews, news, weather, advertisements, and other audio content. Based in Los Angeles, California, Super Hi-Fi is integrated by digital brands like Universal Music Group, Associated Press, Peloton, and iHeartRadio.
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About Targetspot
Targetspot, a division of Audio Valley, is the world’s leading digital audio integrator.  The company’s broad and diversified offering allows publishers and advertisers to cast, sell and play their digital audio assets. As a pioneer in audio streaming, ad serving and programmatic advertising, Targetspot connects advertisers with premium publisher inventory across the globe.  Entercom/, Townsquare, Audioboom, Deezer, Soundcloud (Europe), Voxnest, Townsquare, Univision, Entravision, SBS, and Prisa are among the large and diverse publishers that utilize Targetspot.   Combined, Targetspot connects agencies and advertisers to more than 160 million unique listeners across the globe each month.