Adsdax Overtakes Ethereum in Daily Transactions as Their Advertising Platform Gains Traction

AdsDax continues its growth as it seeks to fix problems of the ad industry using blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Swansea, UK:   AdsDax, an advertising platform powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT), has passed another major milestone, executing more daily crypto transactions on their platform than the entire Ethereum network. AdsDax is averaging over 1 million crypto transactions a day compared to Ethereum which is racking up an impressive ~800k per day. This is based on stats provided by and Hedera Hashgraph explorer DragonGlass.

Speaking about the milestone, AdsDax CEO Ian Mullins stated: “This is a major milestone for both AdsDax and Hedera. Reaching over 1.2 million transactions per day is a massive success and highlights the growth of our platform. Surpassing industry heavy hitters such as Ethereum and Bitcoin in terms of daily transactions shows not only the capacity of our platform but also the opportunity to reinvent the industry.”

Ian Mullins continued: “Our transaction volume has increased by over 600% since we initially launched on the platform of Hedera Hashgraph. We are continuing to prove that our platform has the scale, speed and reliability to handle the live advert tracking data that we have been processing in recent campaigns.”

AdsDax has been leading the way in creating a viable solution for advertising using blockchain and DLT. The rich-media advertising platform has been using Hedera Hashgraph to track and verify advertising events for large enterprises, as well as executing real-time payments based on the data received. Since open access of the Hedera mainnet, AdsDax has recorded over 759 million ad events, resulting in over 125 million crypto payments.

Ryan Davies, CPO at AdsDax concluded, “Lots of people within the ad industry had dismissed the idea of using blockchain technologies to measure the success of their advertising campaigns because of concerns over data throughput. AdsDax has maintained a clear and consistent vision to reshape advertising, tracking and attribution, and we have proven, beyond doubt, the viability of blockchain-backed advertising. Although we are delighted at this incredible milestone, our team knows this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our platform has the capacity to grow exponentially overnight and process an immense amount of tracking events of crypto transactions. This is something we hope to showcase further in the near future.”