CitrusAd Selects Jaclyn Nix to Lead Ecommerce Media Sales Across the Growing Network

Jaclyn Nix Leads CitrusAd’s Media Sales as SVP

NEW YORK — CitrusAd appointed Jaclyn Nix as SVP of Media Sales. The strength of the ad platform has attracted many retailers to the growing network. Now, CitrusAd is leveraging the scale of the network and its impressive ROAS to attract digital advertising budgets on a national level. All retailers involved stand to benefit from multilateral growth as Nix and her team amplify advertising revenue for ecommerce sites by showcasing new features, strategies and paths to success for CPG companies and agencies on the self-serve, CitrusAd platform.

“Jaclyn is a great addition. Her new role will help retailers and suppliers grow profitability on the network.”

In her previous position with Mi9 Retail (formerly MyWebGrocer), Nix led the integration of CitrusAd into Mi9’s retailer software, as well as sales and operations. When asked about the differentiating factors versus the competition, Nix stated several key factors regarding the CitrusAd platform, “The CitrusAd team is best-in-class, they built a fully-vetted platform for retail on solid ad tech that includes both self-serve campaign set-up and managed services for brands. Brands specifically like the real-time reporting that provides full transparency by retailers. Plus, brands can buy on a keyword basis which drives increased relevancy and better ROAS for both the brand and retailer. Brand teams also find peace of mind that CitrusAd has a built-in function that is tied to stock availability, so ads only show when an item is in stock.” As SVP Media Sales, Nix leads a national sales team that specializes in grocery ecommerce media, plus a sales support team that helps brands optimally activate campaigns on the platform.

CitrusAd, CEO, Brad Moran, said, “Jaclyn is a great addition. Her new role will help retailers and suppliers grow profitability on the network.” CitrusAd has the largest ecommerce ad network of grocery stores in the US, putting the reach of more than 22,000 stores and $182 billon in retail sales at advertisers’ fingertips. Retailers integrate the ad platform to expand ecommerce sales, gain ad revenue, improve ROAS for advertisers and provide relevant shopper experiences.

About CitrusAd

CitrusAd is the world-leading, white-label, self-serve, ecommerce advertising platform that enables retailers to monetize their digital shelf-space while enabling suppliers to increase sales by launching targeted and cost-effective digital campaigns right at the point of purchase. Since it was launched in 2017, CitrusAd has become the global, retail industry’s preferred sponsored product, banner ad platform providing retail media sales and service. Successful retailers, across all verticals from 22 different countries are leveraging the CitrusAd platform to create more personalized shopping experiences and deliver greater ROI for suppliers. For more information, visit