First Data LTD Presents Transactional Data Processing  Software at GITEX Global 2022

GITEX Global 2022 will be held in Dubai from October 10 to 14. The event will feature all the major technological developments from the sector, such as smart cities, cybersecurity, data economy, mobility, healthcare and telecommunications.

First Data will present its own AI, capable of processing large amounts of data and analyzing consumer behavior based on Hard ID. This software will be a new tool for targeting advertising, as it allows you to more accurately identify the target audience of a product. At the same time, Hard ID preserves user privacy.

“Hard IDs provide companies with information about a customer’s consumer habits, movements, hobbies, job, income, position, etc. At the same time, all the data is impersonal, and it’s impossible to identify a specific person by his Hard ID. But you can show him relevant advertising. And not only on the internet, but also in TV shows and even in offline stores. This is currently one of the most effective ways to find customers.” Alexander Starostin, co-founder of First Data

The startup First Data invites Hard ID vendors, partners and investors from MENA and other regions to work together to develop MarTech tools.