Moz Connects Leading SERP Analytics Product to Google Data Studio

SEO leader enables connection with Google Data Studio, improving reporting and demonstration of SEO value through powerful data visualization

SEATTLE — Moz, Inc., the leader in search engine optimization technology, announces the release of six Google Data Studio Community Connectors for Moz’s product, STAT, which offers enterprise-level rank tracking and search engine result page (SERP) analytics for brands and digital agencies. These connectors enable users to send their STAT data to Google Data Studio to build powerful, interactive dashboards.

SEO leader, @Moz, enables connection with Google Data Studio, improving reporting and demonstration of #SEO value through powerful data visualization.

According to 2020 State of Local SEO data, 70% of marketers report cuts to marketing budgets as a result of COVID-19, so Moz’s enhanced approach to reporting allows marketers new ways to visually demonstrate SEO improvements over time. Designed in response to customer feedback and market demand, the connectors pull historical information on critical metrics like historical keyword rankings, share of voice and ranking distributions. These insights help brands understand placement within a competitor landscape and which keywords are contributing to increasing visibility, engagement and overall mindshare.

“SEOs often work with multiple tools, datasets and metrics, making reporting time-consuming and collaboration difficult. Google Data Studio offers unparalleled reporting capabilities that visually express complicated metrics more simply,” said Rob Ousbey, VP Product at Moz. “As marketers prove their value in new ways, we believe the updates to our reporting and research tools will help keep organizations more knowledgeable about their own business and customers.”

Recent industry research claims, “25% [of agency customers] reported confusion around paying for SEO and ROI.” The new connectors expedite the reporting process while making the insights more visually impactful, building upon a strong foundation of data-rich information available in the STAT product. Moz’s STAT data complements other data sources such as Google Analytics, Adwords and Google docs that natively integrate into Google Data Studio.

“Clear, interactive visuals help tell the story and impact of SEO strategy in a way that an Excel sheet or other traditional methods can’t. With so much pressure on businesses and agencies to prove ROI, tools like STAT and Data Studio position SEOs for success,” said Daniel Crough, SEO Performance Analyst of TELUS. “Not only is communication and reporting to colleagues and stakeholders streamlined, but what was normally painstaking to gather in the past is now easily imported, collaborative and valuable.”

These six connectors allow users to shape and layer data into interactive and shareable dashboards, providing deeper SERP insights through:

  • Tag-level Historical Keyword Rankings Connector
  • Site-level Historical Keyword Rankings Connector
  • Tag-level Share of Voice Connector
  • Site-level Share of Voice Connector
  • Tag-level Ranking Distributions Connector
  • Site-level Ranking Distributions Connector

The Google Data Studio connectors for STAT are available now for all Moz customers on the STAT product. To learn more, visit

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