AdLift Lands Colleges and Universities Among New Client Wins

Palo Alto – AdLift, a leading SEO agency that specializes in content creation to drives substantial ROI, today announced that it has landed a number of new accounts including, for the first time, colleges and universities, among them Vista College and After College.

“We analyze 7 million web pages a day to assure maximum attention from search engines and currently are optimizing 100,000 keywords a month for clients,” says Prashant Puri, CEO & Co-Founder of AdLift. “This translates into improved client revenue and has attracted the attention of several new clients including the education community. We are very pleased to now have Vista College and After College in our portfolio.”

In the past year, AdLift has expanded its services from primarily search engine optimization to an increased focus on content marketing initiatives. While site optimization can  help boost search rankings, generating useful content is critical to long term strategy. For clients in the educational space, rich, well-researched content can help to attract potential students and cultivate a better understanding of how the institution’s programs are beneficial.

“We see a new level of sophistication from our clients who know that SEO is just one part of getting the rankings and exposure they need to drive business outcomes,” says Mr. Puri. “Spot-on content that both informs and educates – or simply entertains – consumers, can provide exposure on search results pages that can generate leads and more sales.”

AdLift’s content articles are produced by an in-house writing and editorial team which is trained in the technical elements of SEO as they pertain to content marketing. In addition to driving SEO and ranking efforts, the content is tailored to each client’s particular brand voice. The team cultivates unique and compelling content that captures the attention of not just a large readership, but a relevant, targeted readership of potential clients and customers.

Currently AdLift is managing 150 million monthly SEO visits on behalf of clients, assuring the highest possible exposure for each.

AdLift ( founded in 2007, provides clients with individualized, expert SEO solutions that drive ROI. Its team delivers a rich and diverse background in internet marketing, sales, and management, and years of experience as leaders in the search engine marketing, display advertising, and search engine optimization space. The agency provides high quality links and visibility for clients by leveraging expert content writers and an extensive network of blog and publisher relationships. Coupled with its excellent reporting methods, AdLift has received honors as one of the industry’s leading SEO agencies. Among its other clients are eBates, TravelSmith, Box, and Panasonic.