yellowHEAD Releases Ad Creative Benchmark Report for Social Casino Games

Using the proprietary Alison platform, the performance marketing company analyzed 300M+ impressions to find the most effective ad creative strategies

NEW YORK and GA’ASH, ISRAEL — Use purple boxes for calls to action, capture viewer attention in the first three seconds of a video ad, and don’t wait until the end of the video to display your logo. Those were among the recommendations for app marketers in a new data-driven report published today by yellowHEAD (, the AI-powered performance marketing company. Titled “Ad Creative Benchmark Report: Social Casino,” the report offers best practices, industry benchmarks and performance insights for all app marketers but especially those in the social casino industry. The complete report can be downloaded at

The Ad Creative Benchmark Report offers many insights that contradict commonly used industry best practices. For example:

  • Showing a brand’s logo at the beginning of a video results in 7-day ROI that is over 41 percent higher than waiting until the end of a video to show the logo
  • When it comes to call-to-action design, purple boxes outperform blue and green boxes for 7-Day ROI by more than 30 percent
    Voiceovers aren’t always necessary for video ads; in top-tier countries, ads without voiceovers actually have a slightly better ROI than ads with them
  • “Play now” is the most common call-to-action, but more specific directions such as “Spin” or “Claim now” showed higher conversion rates and ROI
  • Social casino gamers love cartoon characters and animal mascots, despite most ads using animated men and women characters
    Spinning reels and dollar bills are among the most compelling animations social casino marketers can use

“Marketers only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention,” said Noa Miller, Marketing Creative Strategist at yellowHEAD. “With our latest Ad Creative Benchmark Report, social casino marketers can get a clear picture of the most effective and engaging creative practices without wasting time on strategies that don’t make an impression.”

With data from thousands of ads and over 300 million impressions, the report offers insights into best practices for logos, calls to action, animations, and many other creative strategies. The data was gathered by yellowHEAD’s proprietary Alison creative technology platform, which uses a combination of computer vision and machine learning to analyze and optimize ad creatives at scale. Alison analyzed millions of impressions from over 6,000 ads across 860 campaigns spanning a range of geographical locations, platforms, and mobile operating systems.

The full report contains KPIs for numerous creative strategies broken down by region, mobile OS, and ad platform. With social casino apps representing a multi-billion-dollar slice of the mobile pie, these insights could be invaluable to marketers.

To download the report, visit To learn more about yellowHEAD and the Alison platform, visit

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