Cognitiv’s Award-Winning Rosé / Not Rosé! Is Back as Cannes Lions Event Goes Digital for the Second Year

Deep Learning technology powered app uses tech for fun

New York, NY – For the second year in a row, marketers will have to forego the yachts, parties, picturesque networking and serendipitous meetings of Cannes, but that does not mean they also have to go without celebrating the Croisette’s favorite drink. Cognitiv, the first self-learning, fully automated neural network technology available for marketers, has released an updated version of its award-winning “Rosé / Not Rosé!” app, which demonstrates the power of deep learning’s pattern recognition abilities as it deciphers whether a photo of a beverage is Rosé or Not Rosé.

“We hope Rosé / Not Rosé! will bring some additional fun to the digital Cannes experience though nothing will replace the experience of being on the French Riviera,” stated Cognitiv’s CEO and co-founder Jeremy Fain. “Rosé / Not Rosé! has been learning since last year to make this version of the app smarter and even more accurate.”

The app, which is a play on HBO’s Silicon Valley Hot Dog/Not Hot Dog, was originally launched after the cancelation of the 2020 Cannes Lions event. Silicon Valley’s Chris Diamantopoulos, who played Russ Hanneman on the HBO hit show, is back for a second year to promote the app across social media. The previous iteration of the app was the recipient of multiple awards, including Gold and Silver in the Horizon Interactive Awards, Silver in the MUSE Creative Awards and Best Mobile Marketing Application in the MobileWebAwards.

Once downloaded, users can take a picture of themselves with (or without) a drink and the app will tell them if it is a photo of Rosé or NOT Rosé. The app uses deep learning to determine if the picture presented includes Rosé wine. There are a number of other hidden identifications coded into the app for users to find with different settings and drinks. Users can see if they can stump the deep learning AI, and then share with friends who are also missing the south of France this year.

Cognitiv plays a similar game every day for each of its clients. Custom Deep Learning algorithms are trained to find prospects specific to its brand and KPI (Rose) and ignore everything else (Not Rose). Cognitiv’s NeuralMind platform is the first self-learning, fully automated deep neural network technology for multi-touch, full funnel marketing.

Rosé / Not Rosé! is available on Google Play and iOS.

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