Quotient Launches New Multi-Touch, Impression-Based Attribution Measurement With Self-Serve Capabilities

Quotient’s advanced media measurement now allows advertisers, retailers and agencies to holistically evaluate campaign performance across channels to impact on sales in near real-time

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Quotient (NYSE: QUOT), the leading digital media and promotions technology company, today announced the launch of its new, sophisticated multi-touch media measurement and self-serve capabilities within the Quotient Analytics Platform. The new methodology and self-serve platform allow advertisers, retailers and agencies the ability to holistically evaluate the performance of their omnichannel campaigns run on the Quotient Analytics Platform in near real-time through impact on sales.

“We are excited to offer our customers access to this holistic measurement capability within the Quotient Analytics Platform to help them access critical data that has previously not been available to advertisers, retailers and agencies”

The exclusive, early adopters of the new multi-touch, impression-based attribution and self-serve capability include Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Mondelēz and Bimbo Bakeries.

“We are excited to offer our customers access to this holistic measurement capability within the Quotient Analytics Platform to help them access critical data that has previously not been available to advertisers, retailers and agencies,” said Steven Boal, CEO and Founder at Quotient. “With this enhancement, our customers will now have a clear picture of sales tied to impressions. They will be able to understand their return on ad spend (ROAS) across all touchpoints and optimize a campaign in-flight accordingly, making their dollars work efficiently and driving impactful results.”

Through the Quotient Analytics Platform, advertisers, retailers and agencies will have access to a new methodology, as well as a new self-serve capability. The new methodology attributes sales across all media touch points run on the Platform and provides rich insights into best-performing audiences, creative and channels. It is centered around time-based, multi-touch and impression-based attribution, looking at individual purchases and impressions while sharing credit to relevant impressions using equal distribution. When a purchase occurs, the Quotient Analytics Platform spreads that purchase across all relevant impressions preceding it within the attribution window—whether it is 7, 14 or 28 days—equally.

With the new self-serve capability, customers can get on-demand access to the platform with near real-time performance tracking and assess campaign health within days of launching their campaign. Customers can also aggregate results across any selection of campaigns without duplications of impressions and transactions. The key benefits of this self-serve capability include on-demand access, in-flight reporting, near real-time performance tracking and increased transparency.

“The marketing world is becoming more performance focused. Impressions and clicks are no longer enough to execute relevant and strategic campaigns, and we are looking to our partners to provide deeper actionable insights. Our goal is to see a platform that provides attributable sales leading to incremental sales for our campaigns while getting results in a much quicker manner. If both of those come to life, Quotient’s new measurement will be a major step forward in the industry,” said Steve McGowan, Head of Omni Shopper Activation & Strategic Partnerships at Mondelēz International.

“We’re excited to see what additional metrics and optimization opportunities this early adopters launch will unlock for our brands. To date, we have not had access to an in-flight measurement tool that gives us transparency into our digital performance in real time. We are looking forward to testing the platform and hope that this will allow us to optimize on performance and improve the overall results of programs that we run through Quotient,” said Grace Smith, Manager, Retail Media at Nestlé USA.

“Bimbo Bakeries and Quotient have a longstanding relationship, and together we have tested new digital media tactics, expanded into new channels and have seen positive brand growth as a result. What has become essential, is the need to more easily and holistically evaluate the performance of integrated media campaigns. We are thrilled that Quotient is working to bring an innovative solution that bridges several marketing touch points into one media measurement tool, and we are eager to partner with them on this new initiative,” said Allie Lajeunesse, Assistant Manager, Shopper Marketing at Bimbo Bakeries.

About Quotient

Quotient (NYSE: QUOT) is the leading digital media and promotions technology company for advertisers, retailers and consumers. Our omnichannel platform is powered by exclusive consumer spending data, location intelligence and purchase intent data to reach millions of shoppers daily and deliver measurable, incremental sales.

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