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Ad and Media Verification

About.com Relies on GeoEdge to Protect their Users from Non-Compliant Ads

Utilizing GeoEdge, About.com is able to: - Protect 74 million users’ experiences from disruptive ads - Resolve ad security and quality issues quickly & efficiently - Work...

Programmatic Reporting added to Ad-Juster Suite of Solutions Eliminating Manually Repetitive Publisher Tasks

Accuracy, Precision and Efficiency Are Achieved Through a Streamlined Solution Focused Directly on Benefiting Publishers Managing Multiple Programmatic Vendors San Diego, CA – Ad-Juster, the leader...

GeoEdge Fortifies User Security for Reporo

GeoEdge, in their continued partnership with Reporo, upgrades Reporo’s ad security to protect publishers from serving ads infected with malware and malicious code PROVIDENCE, RHODE...

Are Your Brand’s Advertisements Showing Up on Porn Sites?

15% of advertisements appear on sites that harm the brand’s reputation, reveals a new report. For instance, finding a Pepsi ad in a pornographic...

Ad Verification: So Misunderstood

In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the monster is influenced by the reality it lives in. Created with a tabula rasa, a blank slate, the monster’s...

GeoEdge Unveils the Industry’s first Video Ad ‎Verification Solution

GeoEdge’s VAST Video Ad Verification Dubbed “Monumental Breakthrough” for ‎Publishers ‎ Providence, Rhode Island – GeoEdge, the leading ad verification ‎provider for the mobile and...

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