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Turn Launches the Turn Smart Market and Opens Doors for Publishers


The new Smart Market automates the traditionally manual process of ad targeting to deliver true performance results for advertisers and maximum revenue for publishers

Redwood City, Calif.,—March 3, 2008—Turn Inc. today introduces the Turn Smart Market, the world’s first fully automated market for online advertising. Tested in limited beta during 2007, the Turn Smart Market opens with over 500 premium advertisers and agencies and 3,000 websites, providing a revolutionary approach to online advertising.

The Turn Smart Market optimizes performance using a machine learning platform that automatically blends contextual, audience, behavioral, and additional custom targeting methods to achieve advertisers’ performance goals using their choice of CPM, CPC, and CPA pricing. No other advertising platform exploits this broad array of targeting techniques in a single market.

Turn’s automatic targeting technology is complemented by a comprehensive set of manual controls to enhance performance, fair market pricing, and brand safety for advertisers and publishers. Leading ad agencies and advertisers are now using the Turn Smart Market to purchase inventory from high-quality publishers because it delivers the best combination of performance, control, and insight compared to traditional ad networks and manual exchanges.

“Today’s announcement of the Turn Smart Market demonstrates that the underlying technologies driving Turn—automatic targeting, machine learning, and goal-driven auction pricing—are rock solid,” said Jim Barnett, CEO of Turn. “Turn has achieved the critical mass that our unique technology needs in order to ensure market leading performance. We’re now ready to scale our market with an even broader group of advertisers and publishers.”

Tickle Inc. works with Turn for their in-page display campaigns. Media Buyer Sean Kettley comments, “I have been working with Turn for a long time and am always pleased with the strong performance of Tickle’s campaigns. Turn has been very proactive with their campaign management and with their goal-seek functionality, we hit our ROI goals every time. I also enjoy the real-time reporting, control, and flexibility that Turn’s console offers.”

Oleg Korenfeld, Director of Ad Operations for Hachette Filipacchi Media, the world’s largest publisher of consumer magazines, adds a web publisher’s perspective. “In selecting an advertising partner, it’s critical to balance two needs—revenue and brand safety. The Turn Smart Market delivers on both promises—the automated targeting and auction market realize attractive prices for our inventory, while strict advertiser standards and exclusion management tools protect such trusted brands as ELLE, WomansDay, and Car and Driver.”

The Turn Smart Market is the world’s first automatic targeting system. Automatic targeting blends contextual, audience, and behavioral targeting and does not require category, site or keyword selection for optimization. The Turn Smart Market attracts many of the best-known brands in the industry who rely on Turn to optimize campaign performance with automatic targeting, and quality publishers who choose Turn to maximize their eCPM.

About Turn Inc.
Turn has created the world’s first Smart Market for online advertising. Employing the power of machine learning technology, the Turn Smart Market combines automatic targeting and goal-driven pricing to optimize ROI for advertisers, revenue for publishers, and relevance for consumers. Turn was founded in 2005 and is located in Redwood City, California. For more information, visit http://www.turn.com.