Smart&Co chooses Smart AdServer for Europe

Smart AdServer has been signed by Smart&Co to manage and optimise the sale of its advertising space
Paris, 22 April 2008 – Smart AdServer, a major player in Europe in the field of adserving and digital marketing, has announced the signing of a new European contract with Weekendesk, now called the Smart&Co Group, the specialist in leisure services for yourself or for gifts.

Founded in 2003, and with turnover of €160M in 2007, the Smart&Co Group specialises in the organisation and design of trips, leisure activities and original gifts. It has introduced to France a concept already familiar to Belgium and the Netherlands – themed gift packages, which it markets to companies, but also individuals, through on line sales or its distribution network. With the creation of this new generation of gift vouchers and the diversity of its offers, the company is now a leader in the gift package market, under the Smartbox® trademark, and online trips, under the Weekendesk trademark.

It is with a view to continuing its expansion in Europe that Smart&Co sought to equip itself with a reliable and innovative technological solution managed by a team of experts, enabling it to easily manage its advertising online on its websites, to analyse performance, to rapidly measure return on investment, with the aim of optimising sales. After having examined all leading technologies in the adservers market, Smart&Co finally chose the Smart AdServer solution.

Smart AdServer develops and markets a tool for the management of advertising campaigns for agencies, advertising departments and publishers. A new generation Adserver created in 2001, Smart AdServer has grown rapidly to become a key player in the French market, and one of the main European players with more than 100 clients and 1000 sites across 4 continents.
“We are delighted to include Smart&Co among the increasing number of advertising companies and publishers we rely on”, says Cyrille Geffray, Managing Director of Smart AdServer. “This new international contract, with a highly regarded company, has strengthened our position in Europe.”

About Smart AdServer
Smart AdServer SAS develops and markets one of the main adserving technologies for the management of online campaigns for media agencies and publishers. Created in 2001, the company Smart AdServer has soon become a key player in France, posting the fastest growth in Europe in terms of customers compared with its competitors, thanks to the innovative and unique functionalities offered by its product, and its ease of use. Smart AdServer has more than 100 customers for 1000 sites spanning four continents.
Among its clients are large media agencies such as Zed digital, Starcom, Mindshare, Mediacom, Mediaedge:cia, Magna … as well as a large number of sites and companies, including Boursorama, Allociné, 01Net, Reed Business, Groupe Express-Expansion, NRJ Global, MSD, Wolters Kluwer…