Audience Measurement Meets the Mobile Internet as AdLaunches Comprehensive Free Mobile Analytics Suite

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(San Mateo, CA) – April 30, 2008 – The mobile Web is taking the next step in maturity as AdMob today announced the introduction of AdMob Mobile Analytics. This product is the second major offering from the company which is currently known for its award-winning mobile advertising network. AdMob Mobile Analytics delivers a comprehensive solution for understanding user behavior and makes it easy to measure the usage of mobile Websites and advertising campaigns.

AdMob Mobile Analytics, which runs independent of the company’s other services, can be set up in less than 10 minutes and does not require advertising spend or publishing activity with the company’s flagship product, the AdMob mobile advertising network. AdMob Analytics will offer businesses a free, simple solution to maximize commerce, advertising and content on the mobile Internet and to improve the overall user experience.

“AdMob has invested heavily in user, device and carrier detection to fuel our statistical modeling and optimization efforts. We’ve been building some very sophisticated technologies for our own network and are now in a position to empower sites to take advantage of our engineering investments to optimize their mobile Web efforts. We hope AdMob Mobile Analytics will provide a further catalyst for the growth of the mobile Web.” said Omar Hamoui, Founder and CEO of AdMob.

AdMob Mobile Analytics will help mobile site owners understand their audience, optimize their content and improve usability. The AdMob Analytics suite allows mobile site owners to track site performance metrics such as unique visitors, duration of visit, page performance, as well as user details including geography, operator and device specifics. This information will help mobile site owners tune their sites to the specific consumers visiting their mobile Web presence. Mobile Websites can use the insights they gain from AdMob Mobile Analytics to offer more of what consumers want and make it easier to find and interact with content.

“The mobile Web has grown significantly in the past year thanks to device, network and billing catalysts,” said Linda Barrabee, Program Manager Wireless at Yankee Group. “Analytics tools are critical for Web publishers and the availability of these solutions will assist in driving a better user experience on the mobile Web.”

AdMob Mobile Analytics will also provide visibility into a site’s sources of traffic including search engines, direct traffic and advertising. Combined with the ability to track conversion of the specific events and actions that the campaign seeks to drive, this enables measurement of campaign performance. With AdMob Mobile Analytics, advertisers can track the success of campaigns run on any mobile ad network.

AdMob has leveraged its existing user identification technology and global infrastructure in building its analytics offering. AdMob Analytics is a free service that works for any size business and is not limited by visitors or page views.
AdMob Analytics is accepting limited private beta sign ups starting today at the following link:

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