List of 3rd Party Ad Vendors in the Google Content Network

This is an addition to my previous post on 3rd party ads being allowed now to serve on the Google content network, through the Google AdSense program.

Here’s a quick list of supported ad servers and partners:

North America: Ad servers

– Atlas (
– DoubleClick (
– Eyeblaster (
– Mediaplex (
– Tumri (

North America: Rich media

– DoubleClick (
– Eyeblaster (
– EyeWonder (
– Interpolls (
– Pointroll (
– Unicast (

North America: Research

– Dynamic Logic/Safecount (
– Factor TG (
– IAG (
– InsightExpress (

Interesting choice of ad servers, with Tumri in but many major ones missing – it is unclear yet if it is because deals with other major ad serving companies aren’t in place yet but they’re being worked on, or it’s simply a business decision from Google not to work with them at all.