Tumri’s Customers Are Smarter Than Yours

If you ever wondered how intelligent your customers are and concluded they are, of course, the brightest bunnies in the pack, you may want to re-think that and lower your head in shame.

Tumri, an ad serving company located in Mountain View (*cough*) is out there to shame us all and prove that mere knowledge of ad operations and online media is not enough to understand and accede to their services.

I invite you to check out the graphs Tumri uses to entice customers: http://www.tumri.com/technology/ and http://www.tumri.com/technology/matching-engine.html would be good examples to start. Take your time to stare at the math formulas extravaganza – you are impressed now, aren’t you?

I wonder what marketer came up with the strategy of ‘confuse them with science’ and thought that’s what a prospective customer wants to see? Who thinks that a business proposition loaded with useless mathematical formulas and pretentious language that’s empty of sense and value will take over the traditional approach of explaining what’s in for the customer?

I’ve spent some good 20 minutes on this site trying to figure out why would I use Tumri over another ad serving platform – I couldn’t figure it. Can you? Let me know!