Adify Gives Publishers Predictive Insight Into Advertiser Campaigns’ Success

New Inventory Management Module Helps Vertical Ad Network Builders Adjust Inventory Availability and Pricing Based on Supply and Demand

SAN BRUNO, CA June 25, 2008 — Adify, the premier vertical ad network management company, today announced a unique and sophisticated Inventory Forecasting module to empower vertical ad network builders to predict supply and demand across the premier publishers in their networks. With multiple algorithms, Adify’s Inventory Forecasting module addresses the variability in inventory levels that occur with vertical ad networks – allowing Network Builders to best serve both the advertiser and publisher communities. Inventory Forecasting strengthens Adify’s already comprehensive solutions that are being used by more than 120 leading ad networks. This announcement can also be found on Adify’s blog.
With consumers discovering a continuously growing array of niche websites for their online content needs, advertisers are augmenting their branding campaigns with vertical ad networks that drastically increase their reach into the long tail of the Web. Adify network builders deliver premium content to reach audiences that advertisers want to target efficiently and cost effectively. Through Inventory Forecasting, Adify Network Builders evaluate the value of their dynamic online inventory over periods of time by analyzing the number of impressions generated and advertiser demand for the inventory. The tool begins to analyze data within weeks of a Network’s launch and improves over time as vertical networks become more established because it relies on historical data to provide the most accurate forecasting results possible. Adify’s Network Builders have unmatched technology on which to base inventory pricing decisions and adjusting advertising rate cards, increasing rates for inventory in high demand, and lowering rates for less attractive inventory.

“Adify Network Builders pride themselves on the high quality inventory they offer advertisers looking to connect with their engaged, passionate audiences. Adify Inventory Management is like a crystal ball into the expected success of individual advertiser campaigns across a syndicated community of publishers. Our Network Builders now can accurately predict the need for online inventory, whether it is event-driven demand like the Super Bowl or flat retail-related inventory sales in the post holiday shopping season,” said Russ Fradin, president of Adify. “By anticipating the supply and demand issues events such as these can cause, Inventory Forecasting helps network builders make educated decisions in terms of inventory supply, available website and campaign impressions and even ad rates.”

Adify’s Inventory Forecasting has three primary components:

Ad Network Forecasting:

Network Builders can identify trends such as gaps in supply and demad and adjust accordingly;  with custom reports that forecast inventory based on ad size, location, and type.

Site Forecasting:

Allows network builders to calculate how many impressions member websites are expected to deliver.

Campaign Forecasting:

Network builders can more precisely predict how many impressions will be required.

About Adify

Adify Corporation is the premier vertical ad network management company and an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Cox TMI, Inc., part of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises, one of the nation’s leading media companies and providers of automotive services.