Publicis Groupe Partners with Yahoo Through VivaKi, Targeting the Mobile Advertising Market

The ink barely dried on Publicis’ previous press release announcing the launch of VivaKi (their new media platform) that more news kick in from the giant communications group: they’ve already partnered the newly-launched VivaKI with Yahoo, with the goal of seizing advertising opportunities across mobile content.

The move plans to allow VivaKi and Yahoo’s mobile platform to broaden their reach and find new advertising solutions. VivaKi and Yahoo are also announcing the integration of Publicis Groupe’s current media buying systems with Yahoo!’s Right Media Exchange, and with AMP! from Yahoo! when it is introduced.

“Our goal in working together with advertisers and agencies is to help them build brands, reach consumers and increase sales in new ways,” said Sue Decker, President, Yahoo! Inc. “Through this relationship, Yahoo! and Publicis will empower the next generation of innovative advertising solutions.”
“This partnership with Yahoo! takes the biggest challenge facing marketers today–the need for hyper-personalization on a massive scale–and turns it into a scalable, direct opportunity for Publicis Groupe clients,” said David Kenny, Managing Partner of Publicis Groupe VivaKi. “By creating an evolved business structure built specifically to capitalize on this medium, we’ll advance the larger industry and in the process set new standards for online advertising innovation.”

In a nutshell:

– Phonevalley, mobile marketing agency owned by Publicis, will integrate Blueprint (Yahoo’s’ mobile developer platform language);
– Yahoo will lauch a mobile version of their Smart Ads technology;
– Publicis will then develop microsites relevant to the ads created through the mobile Smart Ads technology.

Additionally, Publicis will integrate their own media buying systems with the Yahoo Right Media Exchange platform and will leverage the capabilities of Yahoo’s ad management platform, AMP.

While mobile advertising is still new to most ad platforms and agencies, Yahoo getting a partner as huge as Publicis Groupe is a clear sign that mobile is becoming a very hot territory. It will be worth watching what reactions other players may have: Google, for example, has been quite laxed in growing their mobile advertising business but this may change now that competition intensifies and major deals are closed.

The full press release can be read here.