Pinch Media & JumpTap Offer In-application iPhone Advertising

MOBILEBEAT 2008 – Sunnyvale, CA– Pinch Media, the first analytics and advertising company for iPhone applications, and JumpTap, the leading mobile search and advertising company, today announced the creation of the most significant iPhone application advertising network at MobileBeat 2008.

The partnership combines Pinch Media’s analytics and advertising technology for iPhone App Store applications with JumpTap’s comprehensive mobile ad network. Developers can easily insert advertisements into their applications to effectively creative revenue to drive their businesses. In turn, advertisers can creatively reach the iPhone’s desirable demographics in the immersive in-application environment.

Pinch Media has already built a trusted network of iPhone application developers. By combining the power of Pinch Analytics into their iPhone apps, developers are free to innovate, develop and monetize their applications. The analytics module provides a comprehensive view into the number of unique users, length of time the application is being used, geographic location and other valuable data. This information provides advertisers the unique opportunity to reach relevant audiences through targeted in-application advertising on the most popular and growing mobile traffic.

“By adding ad-supported iPhone applications to JumpTap’s mobile advertising network, we can immediately provide high-quality brand advertisers to our developers,” said Greg Yardley, Pinch Media’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “Pinch Media’s iPhone-optimized advertising and analytics package provides iPhone developers with a straightforward and simple way to expand their businesses.”

iPhone traffic currently represents over 30 percent of US page views among top mobile sites, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for brands to effectively engage with their users. Since Apple launched its 3G iPhone July 12th, more than 800 applications have become available. Pinch Media’s analytics package, currently deployed in many App Store applications, substantiates that iPhone applications are growing extremely rapidly, with the most popular free applications having over 250,000 unique users in less than two weeks. Individuals are extremely engaged with their applications – on average, spending almost five minutes a session.

“The iPhone’s App Store can already be considered a huge success and we’re just beginning to see signs of its full advertising power,” said Paran Johar, chief marketing officer of JumpTap. “This partnership creates the highest quality iPhone application ad network which will have a significant impact on the marketplace. Leveraging JumpTap’s global experience and sales team, brands will have the ability to deliver relevant and highly targeted ads to the highest quality premium traffic available.”


Pinch Media helps iPhone developers establish and expand their businesses by providing iPhone-optimized analytics and advertising services. Founded in April 2008 by Greg Yardley and Jesse Rohland, Pinch Media was the first company to publicly offer services for iPhone developers, launching its popular Pinch Analytics product in May. Pinch Media’s advertising solutions are designed with the individual user experience in mind, delivering high-quality advertisements in unobtrusive but effective formats. Additional information is available at or by contacting [email protected].


Reaching over 150 million mobile subscribers through partnerships with 17 mobile operators and numerous content publishers, JumpTap’s powerful search and advertising solutions benefit the whole mobile Internet ecosystem: JumpTap enables carriers to maintain a strong, sustainable position in the mobile marketing value chain, drives traffic and revenue opportunities to content publishers, and gives advertisers access to targeted customers. Recently awarded the best advertising and marketing search engine award by Visiongain and selected by IDC as one of the 10 emerging mobile players to watch in 2007, JumpTap has developed the most comprehensive search and advertising solutions in the market. For more information, please visit