OpenTV’s Advertising Campaign Management Technology Launches with Suddenlink

Company Continues to Grow US Footprint of OpenTV EclipsePlus™ by Managing All Central and Western US Local Ad Sales Operations for Suddenlink Media

SAN FRANCISCO – OpenTV Corp. (NASDAQ:OPTV), a leading software and technology provider of advanced digital television and advanced advertising solutions, announced that OpenTV EclipsePlus, its campaign management technology, went live at Suddenlink Media, the advertising division of Suddenlink Communications, a leading US operator of cable broadband systems. OpenTV EclipsePlus will manage all of Suddenlink’s local ad sales operations for the operator’s Central and Western U.S. ad sales divisions.

“Our decision to upgrade our ad insertion platform was a major undertaking which required a solution that is capable, scalable, and reputable and OpenTV delivered with great technology and great service making this the best technology transition we’ve had,” said Kevin Stephens, Suddenlink’s Senior Vice President of Commercial & Advertising Operations. “With our more than 2,700 channels of insertion, we needed a system that could manage a significant number of channels and EclipsePlus was the solution of choice. We are now well-prepared to support our growing ad sales operations with a solution that has already demonstrated many advantages.”

“This new deal demonstrates OpenTV’s expanding footprint in US cable and establishes EclipsePlus as the premier campaign management solution for large enterprise installations, such as Suddenlink,” said Paul Woidke, OpenTV’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Advertising. “It once again demonstrates the advanced capabilities EclipsePlus can offer for large implementation data center deployments and division back-office systems and we’re delighted to bring our technology to one of the country’s top MSOs.”

OpenTV EclipsePlus will enable Suddenlink to efficiently monetize the real-time data exchange between the sales and inventory management systems. Through its advanced capabilities and scalability, OpenTV EclipsePlus can handle thousands of local and interconnect networks, schedule complicated channel environments and run multiple DMAs within a single database, thereby reducing manual workload and time spent running verification and billing reports on spot buys. OpenTV EclipsePlus also features a dynamic scheduler that continuously analyzes current and upcoming schedules in order to optimize yields.

About OpenTV

OpenTV is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced digital television solutions dedicated to creating and delivering compelling viewing experiences to consumers of digital content worldwide. The company’s software has been integrated in more than 133 million devices around the world and enables advanced program guides, video-on-demand, personal video recording, interactive and addressable advertising and a variety of enhanced television applications. OpenTV’s campaign management solutions currently provide advertising services to more than 34 million cable subscribers across the United States representing more than 55 percent of the subscriber base of the top ten MSOs. For more information, please visit