AOL’s Platform-A Integrates Affiliate Network and Goowy Media

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Platform-A announced the launch of an affiliate marketing solution that links the affiliate network to the widget-based marketing tools of Goowy Media, Inc. The new offering lets publishers generate revenue by merging the power of affiliate, widget and viral marketing. is the affiliate network of Platform-A, and Goowy Media forms part of AOL’s newly created People Networks business unit. Platform-A,, is AOL’s digital advertising division.

This first-of-its-kind solution provides affiliate publishers with an exclusive gallery of advertiser-generated widgets through the web site. Once a publisher places a widget on their web site, consumers can grab it and distribute the widget to other locations on the Web, including social network pages, desktops and blogs. The publisher earns revenue for each sale driven by the widget, even if it’s several download-generations away from the publisher’s site.

“This solution combines the best of affiliate and widget advertising in a solution that benefits publishers and advertisers alike,” said Lynda Clarizio, President of Platform-A. “Publisher revenue potential, brand exposure for the advertiser, and potential conversions grow virally each time the widget is downloaded by a consumer.”

Entertainment advertiser is the first advertiser to work with Platform-A in developing and distributing this new affiliate feature. The customizable “EventEngine” widget is now available for download by affiliate publishers. Ticketmaster’s “EventEngine” campaign widget can be tailored to promote specific Ticketmaster events. All ticket purchases that originate from Ticketmaster’s widget are credited to the affiliate network publisher.

Goowy Media forms part of AOL’s newly created People Networks business unit, which combines social media network Bebo, the AIM and ICQ personal communications network, and social search and answer service Yedda. People Networks’ collection of community platforms reaches 80 million unduplicated users worldwide.

About Platform-A

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