Avenue A|Razorfish & Gigya Honored as 2008 MIXX Award Finalist for LEVIS 23/501 Widget Advertising Campaign

The Interactive Advertising Bureau to Showcase Finalists at the 2008 MIXX Awards Gala

PALO ALTO, CA – Gigya, the leading social technologies company, announced its Levis® widget campaign, co-created with Avenue A|Razorfish, has been named by the Interactive Advertising Bureau as a finalist for the 2008 MIXX Awards in the category “Widget Marketing Campaign.” Avenue A| Razorfish and Gigya partnered to conceptualize, design, and execute this widget advertising campaign for Levi Strauss & Co®. The final Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be announced at the MIXX Awards Gala on the evening of September 23, 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Hotel in New York City.

“We are excited that our Levis campaign created with Avenue A|Razorfish has been recognized by the IAB,” said Ben Pashman, VP of Sales & Business Development at Gigya. “This is a great validation of Avenue A’s vision, of widgets as effective ad vehicles and of the vital role Gigya is playing in this emerging industry.”

The coveted MIXX Awards is judged by an independent panel of highly recognized representatives of the entire interactive advertising network – brand marketers with direct control over many of the largest advertising budgets in the country, major media company executives and advertising agency experts who create campaigns for the world’s most powerful brands. The intense scrutiny of the judging process ensures that the finalist and winning campaigns truly reflect the industry’s best work. With two intensive phases of judging by some of the most demanding marketing executives, winning a MIXX Award is the highest recognition in Interactive Advertising.

Levis® 23/501 Campaign Specifics
Levi Strauss & Co.’s ® advertising agency Avenue A|Razorfish used Gigya’s full-service solution for design, production and distribution. Gigya collaborated with Avenue A|Razorfish to design and develop an innovative, high-impact widget, featuring one-click scrolling through a gallery of 23/501 product shots. An anticipation-building countdown timer ticked off the hours, minutes and seconds to product availability, and store location information was put at the users’ fingertips. The widget also incorporated a soundtrack of fresh hip-hop tracks from Sony’s Jive Records, chosen specifically to appeal to the 23/501 target demographic and add to the widget’s perceived value. The campaign focused exclusively on driving widget installs to the social network profile pages of the target. Gigya incorporated its Wildfire platform, enabling the widget to be easily grabbed and shared, and distributed the widget on its network, focusing exclusively on sites frequented by young urban males.

“We are honored that our Levi’s® 23/501 campaign is a finalist and will be showcased at the 2008 MIXX Awards,” said Rob Toledo, Senior Account Director at Avenue A | Razorfish. “Gigya helped make this campaign a success with their comprehensive widget solution which encompassed concept design, distribution and tracking. This campaign effectively engaged our target audience and generated buzz around the Levi’s® 23/501 Limited Edition Collection, which ultimately sold out in less than 50 seconds.”

About Gigya
Gigya gives people the power to socialize and share content across the web, providing content companies with powerful tools for increasing audience reach and engagement. Reaching more than 150 million people each month, Gigya’s technology platform includes world-class sharing, analytics and monetization features. The company’s APIs simplify access to more than 50 unique web platforms, distributing content across the social web and bringing users’ social graphs to any site. Millions of people each day use Gigya to engage with their friends and with content from publisher and advertiser clients like CNET, DoubleClick, Electronic Arts, Levis, MTV, RockYou, Toyota, Unilever and Walmart.