Undertone Launches DirectConnect

New Platform Automates Access to Undertone’s Quality Inventory; Four Agency Trading Desks Already Signed On

NEW YORK – Undertone Networks, an online advertising network, announced the release of Undertone DirectConnect, a new product built upon Undertone’s next-generation technology platform that integrates with agency trading desks (ATDs). DirectConnect automates access to Undertone’s high-quality inventory and allows agencies to target audiences using data from their preferred source. Four agency trading desks have signed on to leverage DirectConnect, making Undertone the first ad network to offer advertisers premium inventory electronically at scale.

Undertone offers DirectConnect at a time when use of centralized trading desks is becoming a popular strategy at digital agencies. Today, these trading desks leverage demand-side platforms (DSPs) to acquire inventory through ad exchanges, but supply is limited to remnant placements. According to a recent AdSafe Media report, 17 percent of exchange inventory is considered high risk to advertisers. DirectConnect addresses this challenge by enabling advertisers to tap into a new supply of quality, brand-safe placements, seamlessly.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Undertone on its DirectConnect program. It’s refreshing to see that they noticed a change in the marketplace and embraced it,” said Michael Finnegan, associate media director, MEC, a division of WPP. “Hopefully, Undertone’s progressive approach to biddable media will echo across the industry to enable greater access to top quality inventory. MEC looks forward to driving success with Undertone for our clients.”

DirectConnect is built with open architecture to integrate easily with multiple platforms, allowing Undertone to support buyers, their chosen DSPs and their preferred method of audience targeting. With this proprietary technology, Undertone can extend its cash-back Quality Guarantee to inventory purchased electronically, minimizing risk and protecting brand safety for its advertisers. DirectConnect supports rich media and in-banner video, and future versions will enable real-time bidding (RTB) and support pre-roll video, expandable and other high impact ad units.

“DirectConnect offers advertisers the best of both worlds—the ability to target precise audiences on their platform of choice combined with the premium inventory Undertone is known for in the market,” said Alan Schanzer, chief strategy officer, Undertone. “Our goal is to offer all our high quality products to advertisers through buy-side platforms.”

About Undertone Networks

Undertone Networks, an online advertising network, provides advertisers with quality placements on the web’s best sites. The company carefully selects its media partners and hand purchases all its inventory, delivering above-the-fold visibility and brand protection for marketers who care where their ads run online. The Undertone approach ensures that media buyers and the advertisers they serve can drive successful brand awareness and direct response initiatives with a comprehensive blend of high impact ad formats, rich media, targeting capabilities and personalized service. The company is based in New York, with fully staffed regional offices in major U.S. markets.