Ringleader Digital Launches On-Demand Mobile Ad Publishing Network, the Industry’s First All-Inclusive Ad Network

Agencies Increase ROI with the First Mobile Ad Network that Provides Limitless Access to Inventory on Any Site; Features Real-Time Campaign Tracking Tools

NEW YORK CITY, Sep 15, 2008 – Ringleader Digital, the only mobile third-party ad serving network, today announced availability of its On-Demand Network, a third-party mobile advertising network without boundaries. Advertisers leveraging Ringleader Digital’s On-Demand Network can now access any mobile publisher site regardless of whether that publisher is in-network. Ringleader’s On-Demand Network allows for placing media buys across all desired publisher sites and networks, and enables users to manage entire campaigns through a single network platform without requiring software integration.

By integrating with common campaign management systems such as DoubleClick and Atlas, Ringleader Digital’s On-Demand Network gives agencies and brands the power of real-time campaign tracking from their own single administration interface. Further, this open infrastructure allows agencies and brands to place advertisements precisely where they will be most effective, while eliminating the traditional complexities associated with working with multiple publishers and networks for mobile advertising campaigns. Agencies have the added benefit of monitoring digital campaigns across both web and mobile mediums using existing standardized tools and metrics. Advertisers can then optimize their ads immediately based on performance.

“Mobile advertising is appealing to many brands because it is the only medium that stays with the consumer throughout the entire day,” said Greg Hallinan, VP of Marketing & Operations at Verve Wireless, a major publisher for local news content including Associated Press’ Mobile News Network as well as hundreds of other local newspapers, broadcasters, and radio stations. “As a publisher offering up-to-date inventory, we looked to partner with an ad network that helps us leverage the power of the mobile medium. Ringleader Digital’s On-Demand Network is an original solution to a complex problem, and enables any brand or agency to advertise on our partner sites quickly and easily. It’s that simple.”

Ringleader Digital’s open network model breaks down mobile advertising barriers created by closed networks through the use of third-party ad serving. Due to the third-party ad serving approach, no additional software such as Server-Side Include (SSI) is required to serve ads to publisher sites outside of Ringleader Digital’s network.

“Cost, control and ease-of-use are important features that other mobile ad networks are unable to provide,” said Bob Walczak, CEO of Ringleader Digital. “Other mobile ad networks force advertisers and agencies to master a whole new way of advertising. Ringleader Digital has taken the simple approach of serving mobile ads in the same way advertisers and agencies serve advertising on the Web. The result is faster adoption, easier campaign management, and the paradigm shift necessary for mobile advertising to finally take off.”
Other mobile advertising networks require agencies and advertisers to purchase inventory through their closed networks — thereby preventing a single view of an entire mobile advertising campaign, creating unnecessary complexity, and limiting an ad campaign’s success. Closed ad networks cannot serve to out-of-network sites because of software limitations. What’s more, other ad networks don’t offer agencies the ability to monitor campaigns in real-time. Instead, to evaluate a campaign’s performance, the agencies receive a post-campaign report that they have to merge with other ad network reports, each employing different methodologies. Post-campaign review of reports is ineffective and does not allow agencies to make the necessary modifications during the campaign.

For more information about becoming part of Ringleader Digital’s On-Demand Network, please contact [email protected].

About Ringleader Digital
As the next-generation mobile advertising network, Ringleader Digital brings the online advertising experience to mobile–fulfilling the potential and promise of the mobile Web. Ringleader’s device-agnostic network is the only third-party mobile ad service, and is the first to specifically target ads by device functionality. Ringleader simplifies advertising transactions and delivery by providing brands and publishers the ability to seamlessly and simultaneously distribute ad campaigns across any mobile digital platform. With this unprecedented control, publishers maximize the revenue potential for ad campaigns while brands and advertisers can finally track and audit every element of a campaign’s effectiveness. Ringleader is based in New York City. For more information please visit www.ringleaderdigital.com.