Buddy Media Sets Standard for Monitoring Social Media App-vertisements

– BuddyBrain to provide advertisers & brand marketers accessible and accountable data to gauge social success
– initial BuddyBrain data reveals top social media app-vertisements average over 2.5 minutes of interaction per visit
– engagement rates 75x’s greater than time consumers spend interacting with banner ads

NEW YORK – Buddy Media, helping the world’s largest and most trusted brands advertise within the social media world, today launched the beta version of the BuddyBrain (www.buddybrain.com). Buddy Media’s BuddyBrain will serve as the social control center for all app-vertising campaigns, including communication and analytic tools, reference materials and cutting edge social media trends and research. Created with clients’ input, the BuddyBrain offers a user-friendly interface, making social app-vertising campaigns accessible, accountable and results-driven.

Initial BuddyBrain Findings:

Buddy Media’s BuddyBrain has compiled aggregate data from 10 of Buddy Media’s most downloaded app-vertisements. Many of the key discoveries are highlighted below:

* The app-vertisements averaged 140,000 installs during the first month of a campaign
* Users spent an average of 2 minutes, 35 seconds interacting with applications
* This engagement is 75x’s greater than the time consumers spend interacting with traditional banner ads and 5x’s greater than the time consumers spend interacting with TV ads
* 85% of users who installed the application(s) returned for multiple interactions
* 56% of users returned 9 or more times during the first month

“Many advertisers and marketers are becoming aware of the value in advertising through social media channels, but have yet to do so because of an inaccurate perception that no methods or tools exist to sufficiently measure the reach and success of a campaign,” said Michael Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media. “We’ve spent the past few months developing the BuddyBrain to combat these very fears to both entice more brands to make the leap into social advertising and to better service our existing clientele.”

Like the human brain, the BuddyBrain consists of four distinctive lobes that are each responsible for measuring components of a campaign’s Social IQ–allowing for continuous tracking and optimization of social app-vertising campaigns with the ultimate goal of obtaining widespread social brand loyalty.

The lobes of the BuddyBrain include:

* Intelligence Center- Here users will find accountable data allowing them to see in real-time campaign results, including install rates, average time spent and retention—ensuring the ability to optimize campaigns accordingly.
* Project Management- This will act as communication control center for social app-vertising campaigns. Here users will find project updates, creative review, Quality Assurance review and more.
* Social Wire – Here users will find current social media news, articles, blogs, and upcoming events, so that they can see and hear important news and trends related to their campaign.
* Reference Tools- Here users will find archived information and documentation regarding process, forms, definitions and much more.

Launched in 2007, Buddy Media develops and promotes social app-vertising campaigns and communities that support interaction between people and brands. Buddy Media’s unique “Brand Advocate Approach” is the only comprehensive approach to social media advertising which includes strategy, development, promotion and accountable monitoring of its branded apps.

For more information, including screenshots, please visit the Buddy Media Blog.

About Buddy Media

In today’s social media world, every brand needs a Buddy. Buddy Media develops and promotes social app-vertising campaigns that increase engagement and interaction between people and brands. Some of world’s largest brands, including FedEx, New Balance, Time Inc. & Microsoft work with Buddy Media to create social brand loyalty. Based in NYC, Buddy Media is a privately held company backed by Softbank, European Founders Fund and GreyCroft partners amongst other investors.