Innovate Ads New Full Motion Video, Broadcast Quality iAds Video Banners Meet IAB Dimension Standards For Wider Exposure Across the Web

IRVINE, Calif. – Innovate Ads, the leader in the production and delivery of video overlay technology, announced the launch of iAds® Online Video Ad Banners – full motion, broadcast-quality video banners that meet IAB dimension standards and feature a real actor interacting with the product, logo or website message in a dynamic and innovative manner. Innovate Ads also provides third-party server capabilities to deliver the banners onto any site for any client, effectively making Innovate Ads a one-stop shop for the next generation of video banners.

“We created iAds Video Banners as an extension of our current Video Spokesperson business,” says John Cecil, president of Innovate Ads. “With the new Video Banners, clients can use new or existing video content and leverage those assets in their online media campaigns to increase click-through and conversions. By creating display units that fit into IAB standard dimensions, our clients’ video banners can now be placed on publisher’s sites, portals and ad networks, making them more versatile and effective in driving increased views and results.”

As a pioneer in online video production and delivery, Innovate Ads has offered its clients an unprecedented level of lift through the addition of video, and, specifically, video spokespeople, by increasing viewer engagement, response and conversion to action. For example, adding a video spokesperson to a landing page can produce an increase in response, and, as a promotional ad unit, video spokespeople elicit a far greater response than traditional display ads. iAds Online Video Ad Banners are expected to similarly captivate viewers and increase response and conversions.

“Because the actor in the iAds Video Banner can also be the spokesperson in the on-site video, a sense of continuity and credibility will be established for the viewer,” said Cecil of the connection between the new banners and the video served on a client’s landing page or website. “Test usage of iAds Video Banners already show an increase in conversions.”

To view examples of the new iAds Video Banner technology, visit:

About Innovate Ads

Innovate Ads’ unique video techniques, which have been proven to materially impact typical click-through rates and increase sales, include Video Spokesperson (a live spokesperson who speaks directly to visitors as they view the Web page), Video Snacks (a viewer clicks on an embedded player to see a video on that product/service), and Video Banners (full motion video embedded into IAB standard display units). The videos help companies boost the effectiveness of their Web pages or media campaigns by increasing visitors’ responses to their calls to action, whether it’s to fill out a form, request a call or make a purchase.

Innovate Ads’ production team produces the video, working with clients through the entire video development process, from script to delivery. iAds Video Spokesperson and the other iAds products give its clients’ websites added personality and an increased feel of one-on-one communication. Launched in 2006, Innovate Ads is a division of Innovate Media Group, taking advantage of Innovate Media Group’s online production expertise and has increased its exposure in the online video delivery business.

Current clients include Napster, Canon USA, (a division of iAC), and

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