The IAB Issues Ad Campaign Measurement Process Guidelines

New Roadmap for Process Improvement and Discrepancy Reduction in Interactive Advertising

NEW YORK, NY (September 22, 2008)—The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today announced the release of “Ad Campaign Measurement Process Guidelines,” at its annual MIXX Conference & Expo in New York. The guidelines address the process of a publisher’s or advertising agency’s use of a third-party ad server and its application service provider. The result of a consensus of participating auditing organizations and the IAB, it provides definitions and guidance on how to audit the processes used in the placement, trafficking and reporting of interactive advertising.

This document will:

* Help the IAB, publishers and ad agencies drive greater transparency and consistency in ad measurement through certification achieved by an audit of technology, process and data.
* Provide a Self-Assessment Questionnaire that allows publishers, third-party ad servers and agencies to perform a self-assessment of their compliance using methods outlined in the document and meant to help the industry reduce discrepancies.

“These guidelines establish methods that, when followed, reduce discrepancies and errors in the process of buying, selling, and delivering interactive advertising—this is a top priority for the IAB,” said Jeremy Fain, Vice President of Industry Services for the IAB.

“The completion of this document is a milestone for the industry as interactive advertising continues to deliver on the promise of accountability and cost effectiveness, and I encourage all stakeholders to quickly adopt these guidelines into their business practices,” said Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President of Industry Services of the IAB.

“These guidelines help all parties in the ad serving process reduce human errors which are one of the leading causes of large impression discrepancies,” said George Ivie, President of the Media Rating Council. “Solving the discrepancies of media measurement is critical and the IAB’s guidelines make real inroads in improving our ability to accurately measure and report ad campaigns.”

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About the IAB:
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