Circulating Campaigns on Google and YouTube is now Possible for Smart AdServer clients

Paris, 20 November 2008 – Smart AdServer, a leader in Europe in the adserving and digital marketing fields, announced that it has obtained Google certification for the circulation of online advertising campaigns on the “Google Content Network” as well as on YouTube.

Google content network, one of two Google network components, is made up of many hundreds of thousands of Internet sites, web pages and blogs which have joined the AdSense Google network in order to be able to display contextual advertising. Now certified by Google, Smart AdServer is among the first European Adservers to meet the technical requirements implemented by Google.

By offering the possibility of advertising on YouTube and on the Google network, Smart AdServer enables advertisers and agencies to extend the marketing outreach of their advertising campaigns by reaching a larger targeted audience, and using innovative formats such as overlay. “This is an important stage in Smart AdServer’s development and we are delighted to enable our clients to advertise and track advertising campaigns on this network and site” explains Cyrille Geffray, Smart AdServer’ General Manager.

Smart AdServer develops and promotes an advertisement campaign management tool for agencies, advertisers, advertising companies and editors. A new generation Adserver created in 2001, Smart AdServer has rapidly progressed to the point where today it is a leader on the French and European markets, with more than 130 clients and 1,200 sites.

About Smart AdServer

Smart AdServer SAS develops and markets one of the main adserving technologies for the management of online campaigns for media agencies and publishers. Created in 2001, the company Smart AdServer has soon become a key player in France, posting the fastest growth in Europe in terms of customers compared with its competitors, thanks to the innovative and unique functionalities offered by its product, and its ease of use. Smart AdServer has 130 customers for 1200 sites spanning four continents.

Among its clients are large media agencies such as Zed digital, Starcom, Mindshare, Mediacom, Mediaedge:cia, Universal McCann, Brilliant Media … as well as a large number of sites and companies, including PIXmania, Reed Business, Axel Springer Hungary, Radio Canada, MSD Global, Wolters Kluwer, La Vanguardia, Medioonet, Curse Gaming, Amiado…