New “Ad Battle” Social Media App To Rank the World’s Best Advertisements

Buddy Media Application Enables Facebook Users to View, Test and Judge Print and Television Ads of the Past and Present

NEW YORK – Buddy Media, in conjunction with Atmosphere BBDO Senior Art Director Jason Culbertson, officially unveiled the new Ad Battle Facebook application, which allows people to view two different print and television ads submitted by fellow Facebook users and vote on which ad they think “wins” the battle. As an ad wins battles, its ranking increases, with the highest (and lowest) scoring ads highlighted under the app’s “Best and Worst” section.

In addition, when users submit ads that win “battles” their personal Ad Battle ranking (which can range from “Featherweight” to “Heavyweight”) improves. People can also use Ad Battle to compare their ad rankings with others on their social network, securing a perspective on whether their own “ad judgment” is in the mainstream or not.

“Currently, ‘good’ advertising is often determined by an exclusive set of industry insiders in a few expensive competitions,” said Culbertson, who is also creator of the 36,000 member Facebook marketing and advertising community I’m in advertising….hell yeah! “With the Ad Battle Facebook application, we wanted to create a fun way to place this power in the hands of the people, while also promoting a healthy discussion regarding what determines if an ad is good or not.”

“We think Ad Battle is a fun way for people to get a ‘democratic’ opinion on whether an ad is engaging or not,” said Michael Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media. “Moreover, we feel that the application is a great way for Buddy Media to show the ad community how branded social media applications can be as engaging as print and television advertisements.”

The Ad Battle application also features a Mystery Ad Game, which provides a fun, non-scientific evaluation of someone’s advertising IQ. In the game, people are presented with famous advertising slogans or print ads with the logo removed, and then have to guess which of 4 brands the slogan or ad is for. People can play the game, then invite others in their social network to play as well, and compare their results with those of their friends – a key feature found in many successful social media applications.

About Buddy Media

In today’s social media world, every brand needs a Buddy. Buddy Media develops and promotes social app-vertising campaigns that increase engagement and interaction between people and brands. Some of the world’s largest brands, including FedEx, New Balance, Time Inc. & Microsoft work with Buddy Media to create social brand loyalty. Based in NYC, Buddy Media is a privately held company backed by Softbank, European Founders Fund and GreyCroft partners amongst other investors.

About Atmosphere BBDO

Atmosphere BBDO was founded in 1999 and is a full service digital marketing company whose focus is building brand preference through the digital channel. Since its inception, the mandate to be the most creative full service agency in the digital space has never changed. Atmosphere BBDO is focused on creating work that engages the consumer and has the magical ability to change the way they think, feel and act. Atmosphere BBDO is part of BBDO North America and is a member of the Omnicom Group of companies—the world’s largest marketing services organization. Ticker symbol NYSE:OMC