Pontiflex Launches ROI Calculator, Enables Marketers to Easily Compare Online Pricing Models

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Pontiflex, the industry’s first open and transparent cost-per-lead (CPL) market, today announced the availability of the Marketing ROI Calculator. The calculator empowers online marketers and advertising agencies to proactively assess returns on their marketing dollars. This is useful especially in a tough economy, when an increasing number of marketers are focused on maximizing returns from their campaigns.

Available as a free download at www.pontiflex.com/roi, the calculator provides an on-demand calculation of returns on online advertising purchased on CPM, CPC and CPL pricing models. Marketers can enter custom CPM and CPC campaign metrics or use averages derived from industry research data.

The ROI calculator is a useful tool for online marketers that are moving away from a “push” announcement-based strategy to a “pull” engagement focused one. At the 2008 Forrester Research Marketing Forum, industry analysts clearly stressed the need for a new approach to marketing, and proposed engagement as a new metric for brand marketers. Brand marketers can use the ROI calculator to calculate the budget required to build a qualified pipeline of unique, brand specific consumer leads for engagement vehicles such as community sites, newsletters and reward programs.

The calculator comes at a time when marketers are shifting investment from CPM pricing models towards performance based models. The 2007 IAB PWC Internet advertising report showed advertiser spend on performance based advertising was greater than that on CPM advertising for the first time.

In correlation with this shift towards pay-for-performance advertising, Pontiflex has also experienced record growth, expanding the advertiser lead universe by 300% to 51 million leads across 21 industry categories in five months. New clients include Reynolds Handi-Vac, Designer Linen Outlet, Travel Nevada, New Egg, IO USA., as well as advertising agencies True North, Mullen and RUF.

“With transparency a reality in the online lead generation market, marketers are now adding CPL advertising to their media mix in addition to CPM and CPC campaigns,” said Zephrin Lasker, CEO and Co-founder Pontiflex. “We believe the ROI calculator is a useful tool for marketers to determine budget allocation across different online pricing models, particularly towards those that produce guaranteed returns on online advertising.”

The ROI calculator can be accessed at www.pontiflex.com/roi.

About Pontiflex

Pontiflex is the first open and transparent cost per lead (CPL) market. Advertisers connect to interested consumers through Pontiflex and pay only for brand-specific marketing leads, not just clicks or impressions that might never convert.

Pontiflex AdLeads offers publishers, advertisers and agencies a single point of connection for CPL media buying, management and optimization. Because Pontiflex AdLeads is open, advertisers and publishers can use manage all of their campaigns (even those not generated through Pontiflex) for no charge. Because Pontiflex AdLeads is transparent, advertisers can optimize campaigns by mapping leads to their sources and increase returns even further.

Advertisers use Pontiflex to generate marketing leads for their newsletters, direct marketing campaigns, member loyalty programs and vendor-specific sales efforts.

Pontiflex is proudly backed by New Atlantic Ventures and Greenhill SAVP. If you wish to find out more information, please email us at [email protected] or call 1.888.877.3947