AdvertSERVE and AdvertPRO Ad Delivery Systems Receive Upgrade

Renegade InternetPITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania — Renegade Internet, Inc. has announced a new upgraded version of both AdvertPRO and AdvertSERVE online advertising delivery and tracking systems. AdvertPRO is Renegade’s stand alone server-based system and AdvertSERVE is a managed hosting service that uses AdvertPRO as its engine. The upgrade offers additional features and functionality to the popular ad delivery platform.

“We consistently improve our products to meet the demands of our customer base,” explains Michael Cherichetti, CTO of Renegade Internet. “The new features not only keep our product on the cutting edge of ad server technology but also provide our customers with greater flexibility and increased productivity.”

One of the notable new features provides for filtering traffic from certain IP addresses out of statistics reports, which is useful for filtering traffic from company employees so that they don’t inflate metrics data while viewing or testing pages on their web site.

Other major features and improvements include enhanced referrer reporting and smaller backups yielding improved backup performance.

More features are provided in detail on the Renegade Internet website at

If you are a member of the press and would like access to a demo version of AdvertSERVE or more information for editorial coverage, please contact us.

About Renegade Internet:
Renegade Internet is a leading provider of enterprise web applications and services currently focusing on internet based advertising applications. Soon after it’s inception in 1998 Renegade Internet introduced its flagship product, AdvertPRO, a next-generation Internet ad server application designed to manage, deliver, track and report on Internet based advertising. In 2001, Renegade introduced AdvertSERVE, the managed hosting arm of AdvertPRO offering virtual and dedicated ad server hosting opportunities to customers. AdvertSERVE offers direct connections to several leading Internet backbone providers to assist clients world-wide with serving hundreds of millions of ad impressions daily. The company’s offices are located in Huntsville, Alabama and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information visit