Google and CTT Announce New Courses Offered by GOOBEC, the Recently Launched Educational Program for Online Advertising Professionals in Latin America

New Courses Include GAP Test Preparation and Google AdWords™ Advanced

MIAMI – Google and CTT Corporation, a leader in talent development services for information and communication technology professionals, announced that the recently launched Google Business Education Center (GOOBEC), will now offer an even wider range of educational services, including expert assistance and tools that allow professionals to deliver more efficient online advertising solutions to companies in Latin America. Specialized know-how for Google marketing and advertising solutions will be available in the region starting March 2009 with the introduction of GAP Test Preparation and Google AdWords™ Advanced courses.

“Online advertising has demonstrated consistent growth in Latin America as companies address the online needs of their clients in order to compete effectively in today’s global marketplace,” said Hermann Gomez, President of CTT. “GOOBEC provides advertising professionals access to unique know-how that will enable them to perform online advertising in more simplistic and effective ways than ever before.”

Since its launch in April 2008 more than 450 professionals in Latin America have been trained and certified with online marketing technology and advertising solutions from GOOBEC. GOOBEC offers professionals advanced tools based on AdWords™, Google’s path to executing ads with multiple formats: text, images and video. These tools are available through CTT’s course portfolio and educational centers located throughout Latin America, focusing on developing talent specialized in online advertising.

“GOOBEC’s fast acceptance rate confirms that more and more users and companies are looking for specialization in online marketing and advertising through practical and effective tools,” said Alfonso Luna, Marketing Director for Google Latin America. “We are confident that our partnership with CTT is key to reaching more users in the region and offering the world-class services needed to compete strategically while increasing the ROI for companies that develop their marketing campaigns via the Internet.”

The initial courses offered included Google AdWords™ Fundamentals, designed for current users of Google AdWords™ and Corporate Assistance Services, which covers consulting, design, optimization, support and strategy for companies doing business online. The two new courses, GAP Test Preparation and Google AdWords™ Advanced, provide more in depth knowledge in Google marketing and advertising solutions.

GOOBEC’s education portfolio includes curriculum in Portuguese and Spanish for local professionals, marketing and advertising experts, and individuals certified by Google in AdWords™. GOOBEC courses are available in a number of countries in the region, including: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Central America, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. Additional information regarding GOOBEC’s educational portfolio can be found at:

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