Tremor Media Selects ADTECH for Ad Serving Solutions

NEW YORK – ADTECH announced that it will provide ad serving for Tremor Media,, the leading online video advertising network, and provider of the Acudeo Video Monetization Platform. ADTECH,, a leading provider of ad serving technology, is an independently operated unit within AOL’s Platform-A digital advertising business,

Tremor Media’s Acudeo technology is a patent-pending video solution that provides publishers and advertisers with a platform to monetize streaming video and maximize ROI. Rather than build an ad server in-house, Tremor has elected to leverage ADTECH’s best of breed solution for campaign scheduling and delivery, and has integrated ADTECH with Acudeo. ADTECH’s ad serving solution will facilitate the delivery of Tremor’s proprietary video formats across the Tremor network which reaches more than 135 million unique visitors – more than 70% of the U.S. Internet audience – across 1,400 publisher sites each month. This vast audience can also be segmented through Tremor Media’s behavioral, contextual, geographical and bandwidth targeting.

“By selecting ADTECH, Tremor Media will leverage an integrated solution that simplifies the management and control of video advertising in a variety of formats,” said Dirk Freytag, CEO of ADTECH. “Tremor Media has a history of working with advertisers across multiple advertising categories, and ADTECH’s technology will increase Tremor Media’s ability to achieve higher click-through rates, more efficient delivery, and increase overall ROI for video advertising as it becomes a more dominant, effective form of reaching consumers.”

“ADTECH’s ad serving capabilities provide us with a reliable back-end solution for delivering the wide array of ad formats offered by Tremor Media,” said Andrew Reis, Chief Operating Officer, Tremor Media. “We are pleased to take advantage of ADTECH’s scalable solutions and advanced feature set.”

Since January 2008, 170 new ad networks, publishers and agencies worldwide have opted to use Platform-A’s ADTECH for digital ad serving, including major companies such as U.S. media giants Gannett and .Fox Networks, German Interactive Media, as well as Aftonbladet and Nettavisen. In late 2007, Platform-A was established by combining AOL’s advertising business,, TACODA, and Quigo to provide marketers with an efficient, effective means to leverage display, video, mobile, contextual, affiliate and search marketing solutions. The mission of Platform-A is to make it easier for marketers to build their audiences, drive scale and achieve growth in a fragmented market.

To date, Platform-A has fully integrated its sales forces, and developed one insertion order and other processes to streamline ad buying. In addition, Platform-A has accelerated its product development efforts with recent launches that include Spot Marketplace, which enables advertisers to bid on nonreserved inventory across AOL’s Web sites; PubAccess, a self-service interface enabling Web sites to place their inventory for sale in Platform-A’s third party display network; audience targeting across Platform-A; and the creation of a 300 x 600 ad unit across AOL’s homepages and co-branded sites.


ADTECH is a leading international supplier of digital marketing solutions. The company’s flagship product is an integrated ad serving platform. It enables networks, web publishers and agencies to manage serve and evaluate virtually any kind of online advertising campaign including display, video and mobile formats. ADTECH’s ad serving solution differentiates itself via its scalable, enterprise-class infrastructure and user-friendly tools, providing users with increased efficiency, reliability and ROI for their online advertising business. ADTECH handles more than 100 billion ad impressions monthly and its customers include major players like BSKY, Hi-Media, Gannett and .Fox Networks. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Platform-A and is Platform-A’s ad serving platform for reserved ad placements. Visit for more information.

About Tremor Media

Tremor Media is the leading online video advertising network providing advertisers with both in-banner and in-stream video advertising opportunities on over 1,400 top-tier publisher sites with more than 135 million unique visitors per month.

Tremor also offers the Acudeo Video Monetization Platform for publishers, a full suite of products and services to monetize streaming video and maximize ROI. Tremor’s full service solutions offer the necessary tools for advertisers and publishers to utilize online video advertising as a powerful interactive medium. For more information visit: