New LeapFish No-Click Search Engine Triples Early Adopter Traffic; Thousands of Advertisers Snap up Keywords

Instant Search Results Appeal to Advertisers and Users Alike

PLEASANTON, Calif.  –, the only online search portal to deliver the best of the web in a click-free search, announced that traffic on its fast-growing search aggregator has tripled since the site’s November 2008 launch. The company reports that the engine has received a tremendously positive response from users and they are forecasting a substantial traffic trajectory into the future.

“We are pleased with the early progress of LeapFish and its adoption by many early users,” said Behnam Behrouzi, president and CEO of LeapFish. “LeapFish’s strong and consistent early traffic growth is a clear indicator of the engine’s potential.”

Behrouzi says growth has not only come in the form of new users, but also in the number of advertisers. The company has seen a marked influx of sponsors who have quickly purchased thousands of keywords to secure high ranking results positioning. Some are already seeing a return on their investment.

“After purchasing keywords, in the first couple of weeks I received several phone calls, shook hands with 11 people, and had many serious buyers turn into tons of conversions,” said Michael Murray, of ManForArt Co. in Maui, Hawaii.

LeapFish’s unique advertising model has been well received by advertisers, given the intense competition currently found in traditional online marketing models. LeapFish allows advertisers to purchase permanent ad positioning for any available keyword, with no pay-per-click fees—ever. Advertisers are free to keep the keyword forever, or sell for a profit as it goes up in value based on its popularity.

“LeapFish offers advertisers an unprecedented opportunity to capture keyword positions in a revolutionary new search offering, as well as benefit from both the traffic and equity side as LeapFish grows over time,” said Behrouzi.

LeapFish offers one of the world’s fastest search services through its Just Type It auto-populated search box that delivers instantaneous results as users type each character into the search box. The site, which launched in November 2008 by parent company DotNext Inc., employs proprietary hyper-threading technology to aggregate results from all major online portals and quickly deliver more relevant content to users in a single search query.

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LeapFish is a multi-dimensional search engine that captures the variety of the web in a single click-free search interface. The search engine delivers instantaneous results from major Internet destinations while you type. LeapFish, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered out of CARR America Corporate Center in Pleasanton, California. For more information, visit