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Mojiva Launches Premium Mobile Marketing Network


NBC local, Star Tribune, iSports, HotStop and other top mobile sites partner with Mojiva to create new mobile network that pairs premium brands with premium publishers

NEW YORK – Mojiva unveiled the Mojiva Premium Network, which now makes it easy for mobile marketers to deliver targeted ads that reach audiences on some of the mobile Web’s most popular destinations, including local NBC sites, the Star Tribune, iSports and HotStop. Mojiva’s Premium Network is comprised of mobile publishers in several content categories such as news, sports, entertainment, weather, technology, finance and auto. In addition, the same industry leading targeting, measurement and reporting tools that advertisers are currently using on Mojiva’s existing self-serve network are also available through the Premium Network.

“While the top advertisers and agencies have told us they think Mojiva’s platform is excellent in its advanced targeting, reporting and simplicity, some were looking for the comfort that comes in seeing their advertising appear within well-known publisher content. Ironically, this same simplicity has been a real benefit to some of the premium publishers, as they try to leverage their content via increased ad sales,” says Dave Gwozdz, Mojiva’s CEO, and one of the founding members of DoubleClick. “With today’s launch of our Premium Network, Mojiva expands from a successful self-service mobile ad platform, which has been great for the long tail, to now include more detailed site-specific knowledge, and will increase the efficiency on both the buyer and seller sides of the mobile ad market.”

Mojiva’s Premium Network makes exploiting the power of mobile easy, with:

Exceptional Targeting that lets premier advertisers reach the highest quality audiences through total network transparency and targeting of location, carrier, device type, time of day, type of content, keywords, and more.

Flexible Creative Tools that let advertisers efficiently build world-class mobile landing pages, text ads or banner ads in a variety of sizes and formats.

Real-Time Statistics that give marketers up-to-the-minute data on every conceivable aspect of campaign performance. Clicks, impressions, cost, and daily averages are analyzed and documented through easy-to-understand, fully customizable reports.


Mojiva’s powerful advertising platform makes it simple for marketers to reach customers via the growing mobile web. Based in New York City, the capital of the global advertising industry, Mojiva gives brand marketers, publishers, and businesses of any size everything they need to efficiently run and profit from mobile advertising campaigns. Mojiva has neatly packaged a rich array of easy-to-use tools, techniques, and analytics in a self-service mobile advertising platform that makes it easy for advertisers to reach buyers, and publishers to monetize their content. Founded in May 2008, Mojiva is backed by Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments. The company can be found on the Web at www.Mojiva.com.