interCLICK and Bizo Partner to Optimize Campaign Performance for B2B Advertisers

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SAN FRANCISCO – interCLICK, Inc. (OTCBB: ICLK), the leader in transparent behavioral targeting, and Bizo, Inc., the leading B2B advertising and targeting platform, announced a joint partnership to deliver highly targeted B2B campaigns across interCLICK’s vast network of premium publishers. Applying Bizo’s rich data across interCLICK’s fully transparent ad network will enable B2B advertisers to more effectively target in-market decision makers with unprecedented scale and efficiency.

To address the unique challenges of B2B campaigns that require highly qualified targets over long sales cycles, interCLICK and Bizo collectively provide the premier data, advanced targeting technology and unsurpassed scale necessary to help advertisers influence purchase decisions and drive return on investment for their campaigns. With this partnership, advertisers can target campaigns to the appropriate decision maker, providing a level of effectiveness in the B2B space yet unseen in the industry.

“interCLICK is a premier Bizo partner and the first to leverage our data across a fully transparent network, providing advertisers with incredible reach and access to high quality buyers,” said Russell Glass, CEO and founder of Bizo. “The success of our business depends on continuous data collection and analysis to ensure we have the right volume and quality of data to optimize campaign performance across network sites. Together with interCLICK, we are addressing a real need in the B2B market for better targeting and improved campaign results.”

With constrained budgets and cost-conscious brand advertisers, campaign measurement takes on an even greater importance. interCLICK’s transparent reporting not only ensures ads are being run in a brand safe environment but also provides advertisers with the comfort that their budgets are being spent as efficiently as possible. As an added benefit of this partnership, B2B advertisers can also access Bizo Analyze, a reporting tool that allows marketers to gain a better understanding of the types of traffic hitting the sites that are running their ads, including a breakdown of industries, company sizes, functional areas and seniorities. Together, these tools provide advertisers from industries such as software, finance, media and Internet, education, and manufacturing with the ability to continuously monitor and reevaluate marketing spend.

“With Bizo, we are able to leverage the same supply chain efficiencies we bring to the B2C space to meet the increasing demand among B2B marketers for more effective, more targeted campaigns,” said Michael Katz, president of interCLICK. “Providing individual user targeting for B2B campaigns in the confines of a fully transparent network of premium sites allows us to precisely reach the right users in a brand friendly environment.”

About Bizo

Bizo, Inc. is the world’s first bizographic targeting platform, and currently reaches over 40 million targeted business people across thousands of sites on the web. Bizo has created a new approach to online B2B marketing with precise ad targeting that’s based on a prospect’s bizographics – industry, functional area, seniority, size of company, education, gender, location and more. This unique understanding of a person’s bizographics allows Bizo to anonymously deliver powerful advertising and audience targeting based on these attributes and behaviors. Bizo is privately held and based in San Francisco, CA.

About interCLICK

interCLICK, Inc. (OTC BB: ICLK) operates the interCLICK Network, an online advertising platform that combines advanced behavioral targeting with complete data and inventory transparency, allowing advertisers to identify and track their desired audience on an unprecedented level. interCLICK offers advanced proprietary demographic, behavioral, contextual, geographic and retargeting technologies across a network of name brand publishers to ensure the right message is delivered to a precise audience in a brand friendly environment. For more information about the interCLICK Network, visit