Clickable Empowers Search Marketers to Instantly Clone and Automate Campaigns across Search Ad Networks

New Version Of Clickable’s Award-Winning Search Advertising Solution Introduces Sophisticated PPC Reporting And Custom Metrics

Clickable Named Finalist In The Coveted 2009 American Business Awards, And 2009 Silicon Alley Awards

NEW YORK – Complex processes and tedious analysis make search-engine and pay-per-click advertising difficult. To help advertisers succeed, Clickable unveiled the latest version of its flagship product, which makes advertising simple, instant and profitable across all major search-advertising networks. Clickable Pro Version 2.1 introduces powerful new features that deliver agency sophistication, including campaign cloning, customized reporting and automated campaign optimization.

Backed by one of the world’s largest development teams dedicated to a pure-play PPC management product, Clickable Pro Version 2.1 builds on other game-changing features introduced earlier this year, such as: Clickable Conversion Tracking, keyword bulk editing and emerging Google ad formats (Image, Local and Mobile). This commitment to rapid innovation drives results for customers:

“When Clickable came into the picture, we were very quickly able to reduce our cost per lead by 25%,” said Marty Weishaar, Director of Web Marketing, Guidant Financial Group, who manages his firm’s search advertising with Clickable Pro. “Our campaigns are still better than they’ve ever been.” (Guidant Financial Group and other case studies available here.)

Clickable Pro Version 2.1 Major New Features

* Campaign Cloning: Enables advertisers and agency staff to instantly duplicate Google AdWords campaigns, or to copy AdWords campaigns into Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) accounts. This powerful cloning tool makes it easier than ever for marketers to advertise across search networks and build effective, targeted campaigns.

* Customized Reporting: Empowers marketers and agencies to report on key business metrics instantly and with great flexibility. They can create custom, white-labeled reports for a wide range of campaign performance metrics, across search-engine networks, with drag-and-drop ease. Reports include high-gloss, one-click exportable PDF templates, as well as multi-tab spreadsheet reports featuring custom metrics, and pre-packed Excel reports with intuitive charts and graphs.

* Automated Optimization: ActEngine™ is Clickable’s secret sauce, delivering just the right mix of qualitative and quantitative recommendations based on business goals. Now advertisers can optimize campaign conversions round-the-clock by auto-accepting bid and quality score recommendations. ActEngine™ recommendations have been shown to improve account performance for customers in 90% of all cases.

“Clickable makes search-marketing professionals bionic, able to achieve more in less time,” said David S. Kidder, Clickable co-founder and CEO. “We help search marketers eliminate the problem of growing complexity and tedious analysis through a simple experience that delivers transformational ROI.”

Customer Care And Clickable Assist

As always, Clickable is a marketer’s trusted advisor, with world-class, 24-hour customer support via email, live chat and phone – and an extensive community of advertisers and marketing professionals. For marketers and agencies that need extra help getting started, Clickable Assist delivers tiered packages of managed services to ensure immediate success.

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Clickable was named a finalist in the 2009 American Business Awards (Stevie Awards) for New Product Of The Year in the Computer Software category; the winners will be announced on June 22. Clickable also is a finalist in the 2009 Silicon Alley Insider Awards. Clickable fans can vote to influence the final judging, which concludes on June 2 during Internet Week New York 2009.

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