Aggregate Knowledge Unveils Audience Discovery Engine for Display Advertising

Audience Discovery Engine Brings a New Level of Real-Time, Data-Driven Audience Validation and Audience Optimization to Advertising Agencies

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Aggregate Knowledge, the leading provider of real-time display optimization solutions, announced the release of its Audience Discovery Engine. The Audience Discovery Engine finds and validates audiences, optimizes impressions to maximize campaign goals, and uncovers deep audience insights. On every ad impression, the ad viewer is mapped against both proprietary and third-party data providers to understand who is really being reached. The Audience Discovery Engine works on top of any existing media buy and simultaneously optimizes inventory from publishers, ad networks, and ad exchanges.

In a recent business campaign with a Fortune 500 company that targeted decision makers in U.S. companies with 500+ employees, the Aggregate Knowledge Audience Discovery Engine revealed that 37% of the impressions were off-target. After removing the waste, the Audience Discovery Engine prioritized impressions to only buy the most performing ones. As a result, 31 million impressions were evaluated, but only the top 17 million impressions were bought. The results:

– 162 percent increase in the number of on-target impressions
– 48 percent increase in clicks
An average cost-per-click that was 44% below the cost-per-interaction target of the campaign

“Aggregate Knowledge enables agencies to effectively leverage both the secondary premium market, as well as exchanges, to discover their audiences wherever they may be,” said John Durham, CEO of leading digital agency Catalyst:SF. “Audience Discovery leverages both data from Aggregate Knowledge and from the agency itself, thereby delivering to the agency a competitive differentiation and a vehicle for growing revenue and share.”

To enable easy deployment for its customers, Aggregate Knowledge has made its Audience Discovery Engine available in three offerings:
Audience Insights™ reveals off-target impressions from each inventory provider.
Audience Validation™ achieves zero waste by rejecting off-target impressions in real time.
Audience Optimization™ uncovers why on-target impressions perform well, enabling real-time campaign optimization against attitudinal, click, or conversion objectives.

“Aggregate Knowledge’s Audience Discovery Engine de-risks the media buying process by providing real-time visibility and validation into the audience reached. Our Audience Discovery Platform enables data-driven selection of the best impressions to maximize key attitudinal, click, or conversion metrics,” said Paul Martino, co-founder and CEO of Aggregate Knowledge. “Over the years, we have developed a unique technology to ingest, normalize, and activate huge volumes of data as a way to power real-time, high-impact decisions. The Audience Discovery Engine is a natural evolution of the high-performance, super-computing infrastructure that Aggregate Knowledge has already deployed successfully with many advertisers, retailers, and publishers to push real-time product and content recommendations inside dynamic ads and onsite widgets.”

Analysts and industry experts are noting the growing importance of managing audience-centric online media buys in real time. William S. Morrison, of ThinkEquity Partners LLC, reports, “As ad network and ad agency business models increasingly converge, agencies need new audience-centric campaign management tools to leverage their proprietary data assets and to perform real-time allocation decisions of display inventory aggregated from premium and non-premium sources.”

About Aggregate Knowledge

Aggregate Knowledge®, the leading provider of real-time display optimization solutions, brings unparalleled efficiency, relevance, and performance to every marketing interaction. Aggregate Knowledge technology helps agencies, advertisers, and ad networks serve the best campaign, the best creative, and the best content, individualized to the tastes and needs of each consumer.

Aggregate Knowledge’s patent-pending platform combines real-time media, audience, and content optimizations by leveraging anonymous click-stream data from over 70 million users, over 1.6 million items, and high-quality data from trusted third-party providers.

Aggregate Knowledge is funded by premier venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, DAG Ventures, and First Round Capital.

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