GlobalWebIndex Revolutionises Broadcast Ad Campaigns with TV Reach and Frequency

  • New tool assesses 44 international channels in 42 markets including EMEA, APAC & the Americas
  • A world first in bringing disparate data sets under one roof for TV media planners and owners
  • Enables mainstream brands to tap affluent audiences outside of the very top income segment

LONDON & NEW YORK — GlobalWebIndex, the leading supplier of audience insights to the global marketing industry, launches a world first insights capability for International media, TV Reach & Frequency.

Media planners, rejoice! GlobalWebIndex introduces world first insights capability for planning, activating and measuring international TV campaigns to target micro-audiences.

For media planners, this presents the capability to plan TV campaigns across 44 international channels in 42 markets including EMEA, APAC and the Americas and target niche micro-audiences using over 40,000 attributes on each internet user.

TV Reach & Frequency queries data from GlobalWebIndex’s global panel about how frequently a channel is watched, at what times of day and the average time spent watching the channel during each daypart.

“Our new solution allows media agencies and brands to run successful international TV campaigns – from concept through to activation and measurement”, states Jason Mander, Chief Research Officer at GlobalWebIndex. “With data that’s globally consistent, measured equally across all markets, it’s possible to get a much broader understanding of international audiences and the opportunities within.”

Media owner magic

When it comes to measuring international TV campaigns, current research into viewing habits and behaviours can be too narrow in scope and it can take too long to accrue the right data. When this approach is scaled to international campaigns, it leaves advertisers without an up-to-date and harmonised view of performance and optimisation options.

With GlobalWebIndex’s quarterly data releases, media owners using TV Reach & Frequency can also prove the impact of media across global audiences, drive ad sales revenue streams from global audiences and compare an owned channel against international competitors with the most up-to-date insight, when they need it most.

Additionally, an intuitive user interface makes it far easier for media owners and planners to convert data to insight. TV Reach & Frequency will be presented to GlobalWebIndex customers in the same way as its audience profile data so media professionals can measure reach and frequency in one place, using one methodology for the first time.

Reaching the most desirable consumers

With over 40,000 attributes on each internet user TV Reach & Frequency can also move beyond income brackets to target and measure previously untapped audiences.

International TV channels are a powerful means to reach high-end shoppers and business leaders. However, there are millions of highly valuable TV viewers who fall outside the top income segment, highlighting huge potential for other premium brands who are looking for highly active consumers.

Jason Mander explains, “In short, TV Reach & Frequency means there are less barriers in place when it comes to driving sales. Having globally harmonized data at your fingertips replaces the guesswork. Clients and prospects get a true view of who their campaign could reach, and sales reps get the insights they need to back up their ideas. In a wider sense, this marks an important shift for TV advertising into the digital age, through data innovation.”

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About GlobalWebIndex

GlobalWebIndex is a market research company headquartered in London that provides audience insight across 46 countries to the world’s largest brands, marketing agencies and media organizations. It gathers in-depth insights into audience behaviors, perceptions and interests through a combination of survey and analytics data using the GlobalWebIndex platform.

Clients including Twitter, Google, Spotify, WPP, IPG and Omnicom Group can gather in-depth insights into audience behaviors, perceptions and interests through a combination of survey and analytics data using the GlobalWebIndex platform. The company maintains a global panel of more than 22 million connected consumers, which it leverages to create over 40,000 data points on the behaviors and perceptions of internet users around the world. In 2019, GlobalWebIndex expanded its profiling capabilities to include 17,000 working professionals across 10 global markets and 40 industries.