Webtrends Analytics 9 Sets New Standard in Enterprise Customer Intelligence

New On Demand version simply, powerfully uncovers customer insight with a click-to-crunch interface, data-in/data-out API and the industry’s most powerful core analytics

PORTLAND, Ore. – Webtrends, the enterprise customer intelligence company that started the web analytics industry, introduced its most significant advances in user experience and data integration in its 15+ year history.

Webtrends Analytics 9 makes data the interface. Uncovering customer trends is as simple as clicking on numbers on the screen. Cross-channel insight emerges from RSS-enabled overlays of company news, sales and other business data on top of trended web metrics. Key web metrics are automatically translated to plain English text, shared throughout an organization and viewed in any interface.

“Webtrends has created an entirely new user experience that makes it remarkably easy for us to quickly retrieve and provide key decision makers with necessary web analytics data. This sleek new design will provide better top-line perspective while allowing us to think about and leverage this data more effectively,” said Kate Johnson, Digital Relationship Marketing Manager, Kimberly-Clark. “Many analytic providers are lacking in this need so we’re very excited to see the direction Webtrends is going with this powerful new visual interface.”

Webtrends Analytics 9 is comprised of three primary components:

Insight Interface: No Instructions Necessary

The new Analytics 9 Insight interface offers breakthroughs in data exploration and visualization, including:
RSS Overlays. Quickly determine how other marketing investments are influencing your web site by visually overlaying data from any RSS feed on top of trending web metrics. Overlays from Webtrends Social Measurement, for example, provide direct insight into the relationships between web site traffic and activity on enthusiast blogs, video channels and other interactive media.
Story View. Automatically convert data and metrics into non-technical narratives that offer written context that graphs and charts can’t. The text can be downloaded and shared as PowerPoint, Word, and other formats.

Data-in, No Restrictions. Data-out, No Fees.

Webtrends’ industry-leading application programming interface (API) provides self-service access and integration of online and offline data without any added charges:
Live spreadsheets. Review web site metrics throughout the day in live spreadsheets that anyone can access. Create Excel dashboards with live data in three easy steps.
Data collection. Uncover cross-channel trends and business opportunities by programmatically sending data from mobile applications, devices and any other standards-based source to Webtrends hosted collection service for processing and analysis alongside your web site traffic and other data.
Data Extraction. Populate widgets, dashboards and other applications with Webtrends data using reliable, no-cost Webtrends Web Services, built with Representational State Transfer (REST) URLs and other web standards. Or combine data from Webtrends and other business intelligence tools to create best-of-breed solutions catered to your business.

Powerful to the Core

Analytics 9 provides all of the core analytics features customers depend on with Webtrends On Demand, including:
Unlimited scale, capacity. Distinct and fully redundant data collection, analysis and rendering help absorb even the largest spikes in traffic without system outages or lost data.
Unmatched data flexibility. Unlimited dimensions and measures based on any attribute or parameter let you explore your data without restrictions or incurring extra charges.

Analytics 9 is available for purchase beginning today. Current Webtrends On Demand customers have access to Analytics 9 at http://Insight.Webtrends.com.

“I am enormously proud of this release. It represents a commitment we made to our customers just last April at our Engage conference — we are the most Powerful, we are the most Open and we will be the most Elegant solution in the market,” said Alex Yoder, CEO of Webtrends. “Analytics 9 turns the page for an entire industry that has just been focused on reporting, and brings the depth of the data that Webtrends uniquely collects to life for the entire enterprise to analyze and take action with.”

About Webtrends Inc.

Webtrends is an enterprise customer intelligence company that turns online and offline data into understanding. Webtrends delivers the industry’s most recognized search engine marketing, visitor intelligence, and analytics solutions to enable companies to understand their customers, drive engagement, and enhance marketing and brand awareness. Thousands of global organizations, including Microsoft, Reuters, General Mills and Ticketmaster, have chosen Webtrends business solutions and client services expertise to optimize their customers’ online experiences. You can learn more about Webtrends products and services at http://www.webtrends.com/ or call 1-877-932-8736.