Trueffect Announces TruAdvertiser: Next Generation Simplified Marketing Technology Platform

New Offering Helps Advertisers Maximize Brand Affinity by Streamlining Campaigns Throughout Each Stage of the Customer Journey

WESTMINSTER, CO – Trueffect, the leading people-based digital marketing platform, today announced the next generation of its flagship product, TruAdvertiser.

TruAdvertiser provides brands the ability to accurately identify customers and prospects via digital channels and deliver the most relevant content throughout each stage of the customer journey. With ad serving at its core, this new SaaS platform offers Trueffect’s convenient campaign management workflow combined with robust data visualizations, making it easier than ever for advertisers to optimize digital strategies across the martech ecosystem. With these enhancements, brands can effectively build, optimize and extend their digital relationships around the activation and persistency of first-party IDs, without giving up control of hard-earned data assets.

“As consumers’ digital behaviors become more complex across devices and as advertisers gain access to new consumer data sets, we see brands increasingly seeking SaaS based martech solutions that can simplify the entire digital marketing stack,” said Alex Yoder, CEO of Trueffect. “Our learnings from our own clients tell us that this new platform will meet the growing demand in the marketplace for a robust, independent solution that harnesses the power of first party data to deliver 1:1 relationships with consumers along their path to conversion.”

According to a recent eConsultancy report, two-thirds of marketers believe that first-party data provides the best path to true customer understanding and better performance. Specifically within the context of omnichannel marketing, first-party data becomes an even more vital, persistent asset to brands — it gives them a significant competitive advantage in the market.

TruAdvertiser has been designed entirely with the advertiser in mind to create a unified customer experience. This includes accurately identifying consumers, delivering the most relevant and targeted messaging based on digital relationships and measuring key performance metrics — all to unify the experience between brands and consumers.

About Trueffect
Trueffect is a people-based marketing platform that maximizes your digital relationships by enabling you to connect directly with your customers and prospects via any digital channel. Our SaaS based solution provides performance marketers clear control and efficient utilization of their hard-won data assets, allowing them to foster 1:1 relationships with consumers at every step along their path-to-purchase via personalized, relevant offers. For more information, join us on Twitter @trueffect_tweet, Facebook Trueffect or